Washington Pedophile Club Prepares for Mass Exposure

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper told a Senate committee hearing that he wouldn’t be surprised if Russian hackers put child pornography on US computers.

The spy chief made his comments during a hearing into Russian cyber attacks during the US election, where he also said he was confident that Russia hacked DNC emails.

During the hearing, held by the Senate Intelligence Committee, Clapper said he believes Russia is still engaged in cyber operations and has tried to influence a ‘couple of dozen’ elections in different countries. …


Wikileaks: CIA’s Marble Tool: Framework for Cyber False Flags

It’s plain as day, they’re preparing for mass exposure of the elite pedophile/trafficking/blackmail ring in washington. They’re going to blame every embarrassing detail on the russians. But the russians can’t go back in time and manufacture the franklin scandal. They didn’t force hastert to go after children. They didn’t arrange for callboys to take midnight tours of the whitehouse. They didn’t protect the DC madame while her powerful clients were filmed in compromising positions and then murder her before she could reveal who they were in court. They didn’t make her phone book disappear into the FBI without a trace. These were all made (and mostly covered up) in the USA.

Clapper is probably a pedophile himself. That’s the price of a ticket to his level of power: blackmail-ability. The problem is that systemic. This is the face of the US government as it stands today. It’s not pretty.

Pentagon Pedophilia: A Wide-open Market for Blackmailers

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