Ratchet Maddow Exposes the Neofascist Plan to Force Trump into War with Russia

in 2013 the US government amended the United States Information and Educational Exchange Act of 1948, commonly known as the Smith-Mundt Act, thereby making it legal to inflict propaganda and psy-ops upon US citizens. Americans live in a corporatist system wherecorruption is legal and inseparable from the political establishment, and among the most powerful of the corporations entrenched in that system are the five corporate giants who control almost all of the media in the United States. This year the NDAA which Obama signed into law last month allots a portion of the defense budget to government propaganda, so they really don’t have to hide it anymore. If you live in America and consume any mainstream media in video, audio or in print, you are consuming propaganda and government psy-ops. But as long as you remain aware that these people are the mouthpieces of the political establishment, they can give you valuable insights into what American power structures are up to. …


The “peace president” has already assembled troops for the military fork of the operation:

Will NATO’s “Operation Atlantic Resolve” Be The Trigger For WW3 With Russia?

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