Should US Soldiers be Forced to Be Vaccine Guinea Pigs?

I am asking for help to ask our president to repeal Executive Order 13139. This has made me and my fellow veterans and active duty military guinea pigs and needs to stop. Please help our service members, I was sent to my command Sgt major for refusing the flu shot while pregnant. It wasn’t a good outcome, however, I didn’t have to take it until after I gave birth. I have had 5 anthrax shots and my husband 12. The side effects are horrible. I am recovering from osteasarcoma in my mandible. I had to have the fibula free flap done 2 times as my carotid artery burst after the first surgery. I developed staph infection in my neck, had hardware issues and many other. I am here and I truly believe this is the time for change! For our nation. I feel the president is receptive of these issues, that he cares for our service members and we need to fight for them!

Obviously if you want to overthrow a country you need to neutralize the military, which tends to be patriotic and able to carry a weapon.

You don’t need to be a john bircher to wonder what has happened to this country’s ability to physically survive?  The bread has been exported to china and you can’t live on circuses.  In only about 30 years this country has been taken from the manufacturing capital of the world to its knees, when you consider that the dollar’s global reserve currency status is basically the only thing standing between us and empty store shelves.

We are being prepared to BEG for membership in the nazi satanic banksters’ new world order.

See for an idea of what we’re up against.