Another Reason the Pedophiles Hate Putin

You don’t have to be religious to find it surprising how the government is becoming totally “anti-establishment”, which is obviously self-contradictory. What is the agenda? Look at the declaration of independence and you’ll see how the legal argument for individual sovereignty, the foundation of self-governance, is based on the xtian principle of “man” being in the image of God. My assumption is that TPTB have had a very long hostility toward such teachings, whatever their public stance. They had to go with the flow to maintain some ability to steer it.

Putin points out how the fertility rate in the west is plummeting, which up to now has largely been an effect of all the endocrine disruptors added to the environment to the exclusion of hemp-based plastics and other natural products. Not to mention chemical gagriculture. But now it seems the reproductive unit of humanity is under more direct attack. Obviously people can do what they want in their sex lives as far as I’m concerned, but the natural marital bond is the bond that creates children, is based on natural physiology and provides the dual-sexed environment that children need in general. See “the war on empathy love and family” on my web site for my thoughts about this. Anyway, even if you think there are too many people in the world, do you really want satanic pedophiles in charge?