Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players

This is Era of Wisdom’s first full length documentary, “Toddlers on Amphetamine: History of Big Pharma and the Major Players.” It documents the full history of allopathic medicine, the hidden history of what we call “big pharma,” and how the world generally came to be the way it is today. It examines the history of chemicals, poison in particular, disease, power, and psychopathy.

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Snopes – a questionable authority

When Snopes first started up, it occurred to me that putting out “authoritative information” about the products and practices of various nefarious industries and companies could be a very profitable operation. When people question things such as genetically modified foods, circumcision, etc, Snopes could simply be “paid” in some way, to reassure the public that “all is well” – and business could go on as usual. After all, Snopes said GMOs were ok… Snopes said sugar substitutes were ok… didn’t they?!?!?

I’d love to see a detailed accounting of the Snopes owners’ income. After all, if Snopes “advertisers” are the same parties whose products and practices Snopes evaluates, couldn’t that be a means of payment for services rendered? And if so, how can Snopes render a truly objective, honest assessment? Show me Snopes’ financial records. Just imagine what can happen when a closed, “mom and pop” (now, mom and pop plus sex-blogger) system is in charge of what news is real news and what news is fake news. What hath Facebook wrought?

A highly respected researcher, Dr Mercola, researched and published this article:

Facebook Clamping Down on Fake News — or so It Thinks

Facebook has announced it will stem the tide of fake news stories — the magnitude of which is estimated to be a fraction of 1 percent of the network’s content — by allowing users to flag a post as fake news. Flagged posts would then be handed over to a coalition of fact-checkers.

But who exactly are these fact-checkers, and do they have the appropriate qualifications to arbiter “truth?”…

Who Are Snopes’ Fact-Checkers?

According to the featured report, David’s new wife, Elyssa Young — a former escort, self-proclaimed “courtesan” and porn actress who ran for Congress in Hawaii as a Libertarian in 2004 — is now employed as a Snopes administrator. Despite that, David claims Snopes still has no political leanings.

Young is also said to maintain a website that offers her escort services, although “it is unclear if she is still working as one,” the Daily Mail notes. Another former sex-blogger known as “Vice Vixen” (real name Kimberly LaCapria) is one of Snopes’ main contributors.

According to her blog — which she describes as being focused on “naughtiness, sin, carnal pursuits and general hedonism and bonne vivantery” — she has performed her Snopes duties while smoking pot. In all, Snopes is said to have six employees “scattered across the U.S…”

See informational videos and read lots more at Dr. Merdola’s website:

WACO, a new revelation

This 1999 film opened Pandora’s box with an excellent examination of the events.Once again the crime goes all the way to the top,with the true criminals never seeing the light of day.The policies employed by our government are not legal and continue to mock the Constitution, which is the Law of the Land. It is our Law, the peoples law to keep the government in check. Instead we have lost control of our country, which looks more like a criminal empire than a Republic. For a country founded on Dissent and Revolution, we have evolved into slaves to a corporate Empire. History is not teaching us anything if we don’t remind ourselves of it once in a while.