The New McCarthyism: Equating Loyal Dissent with Treason

If they’d published “the list” in the 60’s they would have been laughed out of town.  They’re relying on people’s short memories of how the establishment has always controlled resistance to corruption by equating it with  subversion, when the real subversives to the constitution are those who wield the power to make such preposterous claims stick to their powerless targets.  Truth has no money, no army and no lobbyists.

With that said, it’s interesting how the establishment has mixed real alternative media with fake media pretending to be alternative.    Reading between the lines really gives an idea of how sophisticated and subversive the pedocrats really are.

Newsbud’s Sibel Edmonds issues an urgent warning for potential whistleblowers and viewers in search of the truth. Be warned of dangerous booby traps and sheep-dipped alternatives when it comes to the latest desperate attempt by the establishment to counter the true alternatives. We must investigate those included in the establishment-issued ‘Fake News Bucket List’ ….

Show Notes

AntiWar.Com Joins MSM to Attack Independent Reporters, Authors & Analysts

ProPublica Exposed: A Pseudo Alternative with $26 Million Dollars in Secret Mega-Donors Funding

Alternative to What? The BFP Roundtable Dissects the “Alternative” Media

The List

Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds: FBI’s Sheep-Dipped Man in a Whistleblowers Organization

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