BBC Caught Staging FAKE News Chemical Attack To Drag Britain into Syrian War

Most people should be aware that mainstream news has been the conduit government’s around the world use to fabricate circumstances through fake news and convince a largely reluctant population to follow it into war. National conscription in 1916-18 was brought about because there were not enough volunteers to fight a war.  To the working man, conscription was yet another theft of their rights by rich capitalists. The only telling counterargument the government could offer was absolute necessity. Workers must be convinced that there were too few volunteers to meet the need, so they would lose the war, which would mean the end of Britain. To that end, a huge propaganda exercise took place followed up with no choice – fight or go to prison.

Mainstream media have ever since been routinely creating fake news reports to convince citizens to support politicians desire for the en-masse killing of people in other places around the world, usually on ‘humanitarian’ grounds.

Tony Blair’s misinformation, disinformation, propaganda and fake news campaign to attack Iraq has been a huge blot on Britain’s foriegn policy choices. But it was supported by a mainstream media who did not question the legitimacy of the counterfeit information fed to parliament and its people. The result is over one million dead innocent civilians and a region under siege by terrorists, thugs and gangsters. David Cameron’s lies did the same in Libya – again supported by a media that questioned nothing. The result – death and destruction. …

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