The WP’s “Smoking Gun” for Russia’s Claimed Election Meddling in the USA

I won’t post the article itself, but I invite you to spend some time comparing its claims with the actual content of the articles referenced within, especially keeping in mind that russia is being set up for war by the neocons for many reasons, not least of which is the threat it poses to the petrodollar.    The neocons’ actions in iraq, libya, ukraine and syria demonstrate their desperation, cruelty and increasingly, their willingness to cause nuclear war to maintain the dollar system that they themselves have been busy wrecking through their belligerent foreign policies since the USSR fell.  They killed their own golden egg-laying goose.  They are not just totalitarian monsters, they aren’t even competent “leaders”.

Apparently the WP assumes its readers are too lazy to even look at the “proof” that this article references.  The real smoking gun is how corrupt this “flagship” organ of the pedophile network is.

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