Fake election surveys: Weaponized Media Used A Proven Psychological Manipulation Technique

Pollsters and election modelers suffered an industry-shattering embarrassment at the hands of Donald Trump on Tuesday night.

Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, had long said the polls were biased against him. His claims — dismissed and mocked by the experts — turned out to be true.

“It’s going to put the polling industry out of business,” said CNN anchor Jake Tapper. “It’s going to put the voter projection industry out of business.”

Going into Election Day, a strong majority of pollsters and election modelers forecast that Democrat Hillary Clinton would coast to victory, with many predicting she would sweep the battlegrounds and win north of 300 electoral votes.

The final University of Virginia Center for Politics model had Clinton winning 322 electoral votes to 216 for Trump, with Clinton winning Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — all states that she lost. …


Don’t worry, corporations which practice fraud and abuse are NEVER held to account.  Look at the role of moody’s and standard and poors in the housing fraud investment bubble fraud.

In psychology, the Asch conformity experiments or the Asch Paradigm refers to a series of studies directed by Solomon Asch studying if and how individuals yielded to or defied a majority group and the effect of such influences on beliefs and opinions….


Videos demonstrating the phenomenon:


If the teevee weapons involved in this manipulation survive with their viewing audience intact it will surely be a demonstration of how effective their brainwashing has been.


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