Obama Encourages Undocumented Immigrants to Vote

It should not be necessary to point out that any self-sustaining  complex adaptive system requires a boundary.   This observation is not equivalent to xenophobia.  If your body let every random chemical or biological agent in without hindrance to partake of its metabolic processes you would not be long for this world.     Nations are manipulable and sometimes destructive but they represent the only stable political way that people can exercise some amount of control over their own lives.   But nations must have national identities, a legal framework on which to construct the political realization of community interests.  And the foundation of national identity is national citizenship.

Of course the same warmongers that are creating this flood of refugees for profit intend to profit further by inviting them in for exploitation as the slaves that they intend all of us to be.

What will it take for congress to impeach this pompous conman?

“when you vote you are a citizen” ?  I thought it was the other way around.   Then he goes on to obfuscate the meaning of his answer, nevermind the clear context of the question which asked whether ICE would find out where you live.


Reminds me of the verbal games W Bush used to imply that iraq was responsible for 9/11 without actually saying so.   Tyranny wears many masks but the underlying face is the same old monster.