How logic opens up a new world for you

When a person learns the procedures of logic, a new world opens up for him. Information no longer spreads out like a haze over a city. He doesn’t feel frustrated and blunted by articles that seem to have no pattern or internal connections…

What fallacies is he using to come to an unfounded assertion? What contradictions is he employing?

These are the basics of logic. This is the basic map a person can use to assess what he is reading or hearing.

Non-logic gives you a flat painting. Logic suddenly opens up space in the painting and you see dimensions and perspective…

Logic has an additional and vital implication. By extension, it generally sharpens the mind of the user. He examines details more closely. He spots sloppiness of thought quickly. He withholds final judgment until he can discover what an author is actually saying. He is confident when confronted with a group of data.

And finally, as a professor of mine put it to me many years ago, when you ground yourself in the study of logic, “you know what you don’t know.”

You don’t assume you know everything. You don’t assume you know nothing. You’re not blinded in either direction. You know what you don’t know, and therefore you can investigate and discover the truth.

That is a great gift…

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