Brother K is a major force behind the Bloodstained Men movement ( ) which stages demonstrations around the country protesting infant MGM.

Brother K: “On the opening day of the 2016 AAP Convention Protests in San Francisco, I wanted to speak to Dr. Douglas Diekema about the ethics of circumcision, but he turned and ran back into the building, telling me that “I have more ethics than you do.” In 2010 he and the American Academy of Pediatrics proposed that American doctors adopt a version of girl circumcision to accommodate the growing demand among certain parents. In 2012 he served as ethics advisor on the disgraced AAP circumcision committee that claimed to find health benefits from the sexual mutilation of American babies. Earlier this year he teamed up with the notorious Australian circumcision crusader, Brian Morris, to publish a recycled apologia for baby circumcision.

CIRCUMCISION IS A FRAUD… Legal scholar Peter Adler destroys the credibility of its advocates… “The AAP has publicized its claim in 2012 that the benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks, which is false. The AAP concedes that it does not know the risks and that circumcision rarely benefits any boy or man. The AAP also fails to disclose the disadvantage that circumcision harms all boys and men. Physicians introduced circumcision to America to cure masturbation by reducing pleasure, but the AAP now contends the opposite, that it does not reduce pleasure. The AAP does not mention studies showing that circumcision reduces sexual pleasure, nor does it disclose that the foreskin has a sexual function.” ~RICHMOND JOURNAL OF LAW AND THE PUBLIC INTEREST [Vol. XVI:iii] Peter W. Adler, Is Circumcision Legal?, 16 Rich. J.L. & Pub. Int. 439 (2013).

It is important that you understand proper intact care so that you feel comfortable and confident discussing this topic with your son’s doctor. Many American doctors will direct you to retract your son’s foreskin to clean. Your doctor may also try to forcibly retract your son during his well visits. Make sure you have clearly explained your expectations to your son’s pediatrician in advance (and repeatedly) and keep a close eye on him/her to make sure he/she is respecting your wishes.

In other countries, where whole genitals are the norm, this is common knowledge, but in America there is a good chance you will be more educated than your doctor on intact care. Psychology Today estimates that there are more than 100,000 cases of forced retraction annually. Forced retraction can be very painful and can lead to complications that may need surgery to correct.”

Of course circumcision is normally the “corrective” surgery. It seems they’ll do anything to inflict their own pain on children. This is how genital mutilation is perpetuated in all cultures.

Here’s a photo of Diekema’s co-author, Brian Morris.  Some may find it disturbing: