Vaccines can and do cause autism, says San Antonio prosecutor

(NaturalHealth365) Nico LaHood, criminal District Attorney and lead prosecutor in San Antonio, Texas, is no stranger to the science of bringing criminals to justice. Sadly – having witnessed the damage in his own children after vaccination – he is also no stranger to autism spectrum disorder and vaccine injuries.

A seasoned prosecutor, LaHood says the circumstantial evidence that the MMR vaccine causes autism is extremely strong – so strong that he would feel “comfortable” if presenting the case to a jury. Keep in mind, this is from a man who prosecutes criminals for a living – a scathing indictment of the vaccine industry. (Don’t you think so?)

The MMR vaccine can cause immediate and irreparable damage

In an interview with Polly Tommey, producer of the movie “Vaxxed: From Cover-up to Catastrophe,” LaHood pulled no punches in saying “vaccines can, and do, cause autism.” Along with his wife, Davida, LaHood gives an account of the vaccination injuries suffered by both his daughter, Maya, and his son, Michael.

According to the LaHoods, Maya was a thriving, healthy baby until being vaccinated. She then developed a skin condition with hives and severe eczema, and sometimes had to be restrained at night to stop her from scratching until she bled.

Son Michael was healthy, alert and outgoing up until his 18-month vaccination. Immediately afterwards, he started twitching uncontrollably. Even more alarming, he stopped making eye contact, along with displaying the slowed motor and language skills associated with autism spectrum disorder.

“At some point during vaccinations,” say the LaHoods, “you see a different child.” Watch this exclusive interview below:

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