Constitutional Atty Warns of “Strong Cities” UN Police Force

This is part of what the DNC and most of the repugs have signed onto behind closed doors.  In a way you can’t blame them for seeing the writing on the wall even if they aren’t bribed or blackmailed: the american people have been unable or unwilling to defend their economy, their infrastructure and their children from corporate looters and social engineers.   Any politician willing to go out on a limb and try to protect us from annihilation certainly won’t get much support from the WMD MSM.   It would be a lonely battle.   But the war hasn’t been lost yet.   When they come out in full force and people resign themselves to their fate, then the war will be lost.   But don’t expect any mercy from cooperation.   We are utterly expendable.

Yesterday, Loretta Lynch announced before the United Nations that the Attorney General’s Office, in collaboration with several US Cities will for a global law enforcement initiative called the Strong Cities Network. This is the implementation of UN rules and laws on US soil bypassing Congress and circumventing the Constitution.

Go to and join the fight for your liberty.

Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch Announces the Launch of the Strong Cities Network at the United Nations General Assembly New York, NY ~ Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Remarks as prepared for delivery

… We gather today at a crucial moment of challenge and opportunity for the security of our nations and the well-being of humankind. Fourteen years ago, not far from where we stand today, terrorists carried out a vicious assault on democratic values and inclusive societies everywhere. Their brutal attack claimed the lives of thousands of innocent victims – including citizens from 90 nations. And in the years since that morning when terror rained from the sky, we have continued to see violent extremists emerge from within our own communities – from terrorists inspired by groups like ISIL to fanatics motivated by hatred against religious or ethnic factions. Some aspire to travel overseas to train or to fight. Others plot attacks on targets within their homelands. But all are antithetical to the shared vision and common cause that joins us here today in this renowned international forum: commitment to collaboration; dedication to peace; and devotion to the cause of justice within our nations and throughout the world.

It is clear that the challenge of building resilience against violent extremism – a challenge that spans vast oceans and borders while impacting our most tightly-knit cities and towns – requires a response that is both wide-ranging and highly focused. National governments have a crucial role to play in ensuring the safety and security of the nations they serve – and here in the United States, it is our highest priority. Neither the Justice Department I lead nor the administration in which I serve will ever back down from our commitment and our responsibility to safeguard our citizens and defend our homeland. But as a lifelong prosecutor and as a former United States Attorney here in New York, I have also seen firsthand how local authorities can serve as the front lines of our defense against violent extremism. As residents and experts in their communities, local leaders are often best positioned to pinpoint sources of unrest and discord; best equipped to identify signs of potential danger; and best able to recognize and accommodate community cultures, traditions, sensitivities and customs. By creating a series of partnerships that draws on the knowledge and expertise of our local officials, we can create a more effective response to this virulent threat….

As usual fascism is being marketed as a response to a threat, including an internal threat (i.e. the 9/11 hoax).   This is why I’ve long said that the US mainstream “peace movement” is controlled opposition.    Extremely toxic.

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