Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome

The shock of finding out about what’s really going on in the world is another level of distraction from our true nature, within. Peace, love and joy are your most important possessions… don’t lose them in the shuffle. Be well-informed but not waylaid by the information you discover here.

The dark ones are merely lost souls — souls that have lost the connection with their divine source and cannot feel the love and light that is deep within them. We have all been lost in the game for some time now and to varying degrees. Holding fear or resentment towards others serves no useful purpose — in fact, it is counter-productive.Holding onto fear, resentment, and condemnation is an energy that does not serve the highest good for yourself or anyone else. It also delays you from taking full responsibility for your experiences and fully stepping into your power and sovereignty. Releasing our resentments and unconditionally forgiving and loving everyone has the power to transform our world if we’d only give it a chance.

Read Zen Gardner’s very helpful insights here: Moving Beyond Awakening Shock Syndrome – Zen Gardner

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