Homicide and the SSRI Alibi

One 2011 study by Lucire and Crotty examined 10 patients with variants in a drug metabolizing liver enzymes who committed homicide (primarily of children and family members) after being started on psychiatric medications. They returned to their baseline personalities after medication discontinuation highlighting the intoxication effects of these chemicals. One of these cases should have led to the ban of the entire class of medications. Unfortunately, not much has been done with this information and you probably haven’t heard a whisper about this particular paper.

You may not know that there is also a database called SSRIstories.org where these media-making cases of SSRI-induced violence and impulsivity are documented including school shootings, kamikaze plane crashes, and infanticide. You might think this is rare. You might think that these people are “mentally ill” so obviously they are on medication. The truth is that pharmaceutical companies have been working overtime to suppress a signal of harm around suicidality and violence with these psychiatric medications – coding negative outcomes in short-term trials as “emotional lability”, punting those cases to the placebo group, and otherwise discounting impulsive violence that populates the treatment arms of drug trials….

The truth is that what we are calling mental illness – from panic attacks to depression to psychosis – are symptoms of mismatch with lifestyle. These symptoms can result from physiologic imbalances (think thyroid or food intolerances), psychospiritual imbalances (think overwhelming job or abusive marriage) and are modern day syndromes that essentially invite us to revisit our day-to-day lives.

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