15 Terrifying Secret Human Experiments Done in the US – Scared Yet?

Human experimentation is something that we normally associate with horror movies and science fiction books, but it is, in fact, very real indeed.

From infecting people with cancer viruses and experimental chemical agents, the US has kept dozens of secret programs under wraps- just imagine the experiments that we don’t know about.

Source: 15 Terrifying Secret Human Experiments Done in the US – Scared Yet?

Autism: When Doctors Lie

It’s harsh… I know… but I can’t take this crap anymore. She should know better. It has been NINE YEARS since my son regressed after DTaP, Hep B and three other shots, while I have to hear the lie that, “there is no association between vaccines and autism,” repeated over and over and over and over… That made me nuts back when there were less than ten research papers that showed a link, but now there are at least 70, including one that showed that our own federal government has paid at least 83 autism cases from the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, while also pretending that vaccines could not possibly cause autism. I just can’t stand the deceit any more.

So when I saw Kim’s debate with Dr. Koren Boggs, I got so angry I had to stop halfway through and take a long break just so I didn’t have a neurological event. Then I just needed to rant ….


The list of research is growing steadily. As more people see it and send me studies that I have missed, these links will be updated regularly. You can view it on my blog,  on my Facebook page, or share in a Word doc. Please spread them around any time you hear the lie that “the vaccine/autism causation theory has been debunked because it is based on one retracted British study and the opinion of a Playboy model and that there is not one study that supports the theory that vaccines cause autism.” In fact, share them right now. Then share this video. Here is the information on Rep. Bill Posey’s bill to force the vaxxed/unvaxxed study that CDC still won’t pursue after thirty plus years. Call your Congressman and ask him to be a co-sponsor. Do it. And then share it too. …

Source: When Doctors Lie…OH HELL NO!