White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia

I found this interview among past emails today and felt a responsibility to share it. It is not “Saudi Arabia” that does such things, but rather a small group of very rich men in Saudi Arabia, who consider themselves to be entitled and cruelly control the lives of others. Similar oppression occurs all over the world. I was circumcised in Kansas in the 1950s (see my book The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA), so I was horrified by parts of this article. Baby boys still are being circumcised by medical doctors who feel it is fair for them to profit by reducing the quality of life of children. And then there are the religious “entitled” who ruthlessly prey (yes, not pray, but prey) on children and women, using them as slaves and sex slaves. See also Sister Charlotte’s story – a nun in North America.

ESPECIALLY – Warn all women to be wary of the promise of wealth, security and “free” education (see end of article).


White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia
An interview with a Saudi doctor
October, 2005

Doctor Muzaffar – I have a medical practice in Jizan, Saudi Arabia which I practice female circumcision. I am a Egyptian and still spend much time there, but spend much time at my clinic in the Kingdom. My husband travels with me. Female circumcision is well established in Egypt and is now spreading in the Kingdom from the Tihama region of the Arabian peninsula. The locals have practiced in for many years and now the Saudi religious police have encouraged its spread in the Kingdom.

RZ – Why did you pick there to set up your practice if female circumcision is easily available?

Doctor Muzaffar – I was recruited in my homeland, Egypt, by the religious police, as circumcising the young may be done by midwives, but there was few trained female doctors in the Kingdom that had experience in circumcising grown women.

RZ – Religious police?

Doctor Muzaffar – Yes, this is the new more tolerant religious police. Where in the past prostitution or adultery was punishable by stoning, now sometimes they simply have the accused circumcised and/or infibulated. They bring them to my clinic and they are my guest for a day or two. I also train nurses for the religious police to perform female circumcision. After a training period they are moved to female hospitals in other Kingdom cities. Clitoridectomy is not not a hard thing to learn for the average nurse. The religious police feel that female circumcision has many positive benefits. It calms women, ends lesbian activities, discourages adultery and prostitution. It allows women to concentrate on being good wives and mothers.

RZ – I thought that female circumcision was limited in Saudi Arabia.

Doctor Muzaffar – That was true for the most part in the past. It has always been present along the Red Sea and the areas that boarder Yemen. In the last few years it has grown a lot, spreading throughout the Kingdom. The West would have no way of knowing, as women and women’s issues are kept private. And the foreign women that are guest in the harems are kept out of sight. With modern security there is little chance that once they are here that anyone will hear from them again. Even if they managed to escape the harem it would be all but impossible for them to escape Saudi Arabia. The religious police would return them to their masters. Currently I would say that at least 25% of all women in Saudi Arabia are circumcised. It is growing in popularity and with the growing number of trained midwives, within a generation all women who have borne a child should have had the tip of their clitoris removed.

RZ – What is your clinic like?

Doctor Muzaffar – State of the art: an all-female staff, as this is women’s business. My husband handles the dealings with the authorities and various male clients but he is not allowed into the secure treatment wing. The facility has no windows but is air conditioned which is a benefit as it is very hot and humid here in Jizan. For security there is only one entrance: a electric garage door. When a patient arrives the auto or van enters the garage door after putting a security code into an electronic box. The inner door won’t open until the outer one closes. Much of my 12-person female staff lives on site, as well as all nurse trainees. There are food preparation facilities, as well as 36 patient rooms and three treatment rooms – everything we need under one roof.

RZ – What are the patient rooms like?

Doctor Muzaffar – Very spartan: small shower and toilet area, a bed, no window, no doorknob on inside. Remember, some of our guests are wards of the religious police. They would be hard to deal with if we lost one. Each room has a video monitor that feeds to a central control center for monitoring.

RZ – What are the the treatment rooms like?

Doctor Muzaffar – Tiled in white: floors, ceilings, walls. Kept spotlessly clean. Very bright and well lit. There is various medical equipment and supplies… and of course, the treatment table.

RZ – What are the the treatment tables like?

Doctor Muzaffar – Again, state of the art. It is very important that the patient not move during the operation and my table sees to that. It has a stainless steel frame and black leather padding. Unactivated it looks more like a lounge chair. The patient is led into the treatment room in a white gown and ask to sit. Once seated, my assistants secure their charge to the treatment chair. Straps above and below the knee, as well as across the instep of each foot. Wide leather straps across the belly above and below the breast. Another wide quite tight strap across the lower belly. Then the wrists are placed in leather cuffs back against the chair, even with the shoulders. Then the chair tips back and the legs spread into the classical gyno chair. There are metal curves under the knees. The patient finds herself on her back, head down, legs spread. The activation of the chair tightens all the straps very securely. She will find she is totally immobilized. Once secured we shave the pubic hair, the area is cleaned with soap, then we treat the entire area with an antiseptic. At this point she is ready for me to circumcise her. If allowed by the authorities I take a needle and deaden the nerves around and leading to the clitoris. I start giving injections in a radial configuration. The last I give an injection under the clitoris into the main nerve. In most cases they will tense and groan a little at this point as the nerve is deadened.

RZ – What about a gag?

Doctor Muzaffar – No, I don’t see that as needed, as we pay little attention to anything the patient says. If she is being cut on orders of the religious police then one of my nurses places a rubber tongue depressant into the patients mouth and holds it into place. Also a strap across the forehead is put into place and tightened. This gives her something to bite on as she is cut. The religious police don’t allow us to use painkillers. The patients from other sources, I give injections into the local areas and they feel nothing. Most go to the table without much fuss, but some we have to drag kicking and screaming…


RZ – Infidel women?

Doctor Muzaffar – Yes from many places, like the Balkins, Russia, Greece, France, Ireland and much of Europe, a few from America and other nations. Scandinavia is very popular. The young, the pretty, the stupid. Many college girls. They are easy to acquire. Some of the rich will go on hunting trips, as they are called. They simply seduce a bird that they fancy, fly her to the Kingdom where she simply disappears into a harem to never be heard from again. Many of the older princes will hire a recruiter to find him the right candidate. Once here, she is turned over to the old man to do with as he pleases. Several of the recruiters bring the candidates here for circumcision to calm them down before going onto their final destination. It is surprising how few western women know what female circumcision is. As a general rule when they arrive here they have no idea what we plan to do to them. You can imagine their surprise when they discover that we have removed their clitoris.

RZ – Are these women not looked for? What about their governments?

Doctor Muzaffar – Their governments don’t care; they only want oil. A few of their women ending up in harems. They could care less. The women will never be heard from again. They are kept locked away where they please their master and bear his children. The circumcision calms them and prevents them from masturbating and dreaming of their past life and old boyfriends.

RZ – Tell me about the circumcision procedure.

Doctor Muzaffar – It’s about the clitoris. There are variations, but the removal of the clitoris is central. The majority of circumcisions are simply snipping it off. This is most effective in controlling female behavior. 90% of the pleasure nerves are in the very tip. By just snipping off the tip will have the desired effect on female behavior. Masturbation will no longer be an option, they will find it just doesn’t work anymore and will lose interest in trying to climax through masturbation. I have been training a steady stream of midwives whose duties in the Kingdom – outside of assisting with births – is to see that no new mother leaves the maternity ward with her clitoris. This is a good time to circumcise women. with all the trauma from the birth, the snipping the tip of the clitoris is hardly noticed; many women wont even notice its gone until they return to regular relations with their husbands. This makes her a better mother and wife. The religious police insist on clitoridectomy, excision of the labia minora, incision of the labia majora and resewing it, leaving only a tiny hole to urinate out of. Also, the clitoridectomy is far more in depth than just snipping the tip; the entire root is cut out. This is done to prostitutes and women taken in adultery.

I first take a hand clamp tool and grasp the clitoris and pull it out from the body and I make an oval incision around the base of the clitoris. With a scalpel I cut the surrounding flesh till the clitoris is held by the root. Below the clitoris head is the main clitoris nerve. I pull on the clitoris as hard as possible, pulling it by the attached nerve as far from the body as possible. and make a clean cut as deep as possible. There is a lot of the clitoris that is removed that is not in the simple procedure. I then excise the labia minora, followed by the incision of the labia majora. And then I sew the mouth of the vagina closed, connecting the raw edges. There is a small hole to urinate out and pass menstrual blood. Not being able to use painkillers, as defined by the religious police, the woman are screaming and struggling but my special chair doesn’t allow any movement. I always use painkillers if allowed by law.

My signature treatment is called the harem cut. Many of the western women that are bound for harems I do a full deep circumcision followed by a modified infibulation. Not the sealing of the mouth of the vagina but once the clitoris is removed I tighten the top of the vagina with a couple of stitches after a incision at the top of the labia majora. My clients like this effect as it makes it tighter for her master. Unless requested, I don’t excise the labia minora. I don’t think it matters as there isn’t enough nerves to allow masturbation or climax during sex, though the labia minora may add to the pleasure of the male. the male seem to like my harem cut over the snip or the infibulation. Of course I can do lots of variations.

If a circumcision is done right, there is no chance of a future climax, ever. The harem cut removes the clitoris and its root. The tightening of the top of the vulva also helps to isolate any nerve root that might be left. The tightening helps the male climax faster, thus decreasing the stimulation the female gets. Even vigorous masturbation will be fruitless. She might as well be rubbing her elbow. Snipping the tip might leave a small chance but when I harem cut them there is no chance whatsoever. She should not be concerned in her pleasure but providing the male pleasure and children.

RZ – Is it not possible to escape from Saudi Arabia? Do the Saudi authorities take the passports of these western women?

Doctor Muzaffar – Once in the Kingdom, escape is all but impossible. Women cannot travel in Saudi Arabia without being accompanied by a male. Women cannot drive. Should she get loose, the religious police would return her to her master. The tattoo with the house crest marks who the woman belongs to. I have visited a few of the harems to do on-sight circumcisions, as some pashas don’t like to transport their concubines outside the walls of their harem. These are state-of-the-art facilities.

One I visited was surrounded by a smooth 15-foot-high wall with electric wire on top. Inside that is a garden. In the center was the palace harem. Barred windows, no telephones, no televisions. There were cameras everywhere. The concubines wore golden collars that had a shock feature if they got out of bounds.The collars used some kind of electronic locking system. Once placed around the neck, it could not be removed without a computer passcode. There were several western women there – a dozen or so.

One was named Abigale who was from England, about 19, tall, blue eyes, had long blonde hair, very pretty. She had boarded a private jet with a royal; she did not even have a passport and was flown directly to the Kingdom. She turned out to be a gift to an older uncle of the young royal. She wanted to return to England but she was her master’s property now. They had me circumcise and tattoo her with the house crest first. The circumcision always calms them down. She was free now to concentrate on bearing her master’s children.

The pasha who was the master of the harem was rather old; I would say late 70s. He still enjoyed the women and sired many children even at his age. There was no way she was going to get out of the collar, get through the barred windows, scale the high wall, clear the electric wire on top. Should she manage this, she would find herself in a country that doesn’t allow women to roam about. The religious police would pick her up and the tattoo on her belly would tell them where to return her to. Even if she had a passport it would be of no use to her.

On my visit to this harem, I circumcised and tattooed all the concubines and wives – about thirty total, of all ages. One was a woman from Sweden who had been there since the 70s. She was 52 and had borne the master several children. She had been abducted while on holiday from college, Brought to the kingdom, placed in this harem and had not left there for any reason for over 30 years. She birthed all nine of her children there. They had me circumcise her also. I tightened her up quite a bit. In short if you are a guest in a harem in Saudi Arabia, there is no escape; the government and society sees to it.

RZ – Are these western girls’ clitoris only removed? Are they infibulated? [Infibulation means stitching vagina.]

Doctor Muzaffar – If the woman is brought to me by the religious police for a crime – say adultery, prostitution, masturbation – then they have me circumcise and infibulate them. Few western women are infibulated, as their purpose is to serve as concubines to provide pleasure for the man and bear him children. In the harem cut I do stitch the top of the vulva after I remove the clitoris. This is not like infibulation which bars entry, but tightens the grip of the mouth of the vagina on the male member.

RZ – What instruments does the doctor use? Any special equipment or instruments, particularly for the Western women?

Doctor Muzaffar – A curved crescent scalpel, surgical scissors, grasping forceps, surgical retractors, surgical knives, needle syringes, alligator forceps, laryngeal mirrors, alpha-wave inducer device, worn on the forehead, which induces variable levels of unconsciousness, from sleep to complete anesthesia. The effect wears off approximately 15 minutes after the device is deactivated. Alpha-wave induction is a good alternative to drug-induced general anesthesia in surgical patients.

Neural imaging scan: Test that provides detailed information about a patient’s central nervous system function, I have used this device to study the best techniques to make circumcision as effective as possible. I have started using a snare wire, which are very fine and sharp cutting tools that consist of a fine but strong wire and a handle. They are quite commonly used in endoscopic surgery for cutting tumors and polyps. The wire is placed around the base of the clitoris, cauterized and then severed with the wire loop. I have found that this works well in performing clitoridectomy.


Thank you very much for your mail. I got this mail from another Muslim doctor working in Saudi Arabia . First I could not believe this. Then I emailed this article to some of my friends working as nurses in Saudi Arabia. They said this is 100% true but this is done very secretly in some hospitals under the supervision of religious police

It is very difficult to get information about this subject because strict Saudi censorship is there. They check all emails going out from Saudi Arabia

Once they arrive in Saudi Arabia, the passports of these western girls are kept with Saudi government officials. Without passports, how can they escape ?

The governments of western countries are doing nothing for these poor circumcised girls. They want only oil from Saudi Arabia.


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has founded a free university for Western women as a way to influence the West – a free college education for Western women.

  • Non co-ed
  • Free tuition, room and board
  • Nursing, midwiving and doctor education
  • Free health care and medical treatment
  • Free airfare to university
  • The university is located in the high desert of the Kingdom, reachable only by air.
  • All classes taught by female matrons.
  • Intense training and education.
  • University stay is a minimum of 48 mo 72 months for Medical Doctor.
  • Medical degree is fully transferable to any western nation.
  • A disciplined and secure education away from the distraction
    of boys, sex, drugs and alcohol.
  • Parents are encouraged to send problem daughters to college at Princess Sultanaity University.

The above ad is attracting western women. The religious police have found that some of the best supporters of female circumcision are women who have themselves been circumcised. The female mind as it is, once circumcised they want to see all women circumcised. What better way to encourage western female circumcision than train female doctors and nurses that have been circumcised themselves. Once on campus all freshman are circumcised by upper class women before end of first year. This is done with the oversight of the ever-watching matrons as a rite of passage. The girls have no contact to the outside world whatsoever, until they have their degrees.

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