White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia

I found this interview among past emails today and felt a responsibility to share it. It is not “Saudi Arabia” that does such things, but rather a small group of very rich men in Saudi Arabia, who consider themselves to be entitled and cruelly control the lives of others. Similar oppression occurs all over the world. I was circumcised in Kansas in the 1950s (see my book The Rape of Innocence: Female Genital Mutilation and Circumcision in the USA), so I was horrified by parts of this article. Baby boys still are being circumcised by medical doctors who feel it is fair for them to profit by reducing the quality of life of children. And then there are the religious “entitled” who ruthlessly prey (yes, not pray, but prey) on children and women, using them as slaves and sex slaves. See also Sister Charlotte’s story – a nun in North America.

ESPECIALLY – Warn all women to be wary of the promise of wealth, security and “free” education (see end of article).


White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia
An interview with a Saudi doctor
October, 2005

Doctor Muzaffar – I have a medical practice in Jizan, Saudi Arabia which I practice female circumcision. I am a Egyptian and still spend much time there, but spend much time at my clinic in the Kingdom. My husband travels with me. Female circumcision is well established in Egypt and is now spreading in the Kingdom from the Tihama region of the Arabian peninsula. The locals have practiced in for many years and now the Saudi religious police have encouraged its spread in the Kingdom.

RZ – Why did you pick there to set up your practice if female circumcision is easily available?

Doctor Muzaffar – I was recruited in my homeland, Egypt, by the religious police, as circumcising the young may be done by midwives, but there was few trained female doctors in the Kingdom that had experience in circumcising grown women.

RZ – Religious police?

Doctor Muzaffar – Yes, this is the new more tolerant religious police. Where in the past prostitution or adultery was punishable by stoning, now sometimes they simply have the accused circumcised and/or infibulated. They bring them to my clinic and they are my guest for a day or two. I also train nurses for the religious police to perform female circumcision. After a training period they are moved to female hospitals in other Kingdom cities. Clitoridectomy is not not a hard thing to learn for the average nurse. The religious police feel that female circumcision has many positive benefits. It calms women, ends lesbian activities, discourages adultery and prostitution. It allows women to concentrate on being good wives and mothers. Continue reading White girls circumcision in Saudi Arabia