Review of the Film “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe”

In the film, Del Bigtree goes back to some colleagues from The Doctors, where he worked for 7 years before leaving to make this film. He presents documents to family medicine practitioner Dr Rachael Ross and pediatrician Dr Jim Sears, who are both “pro-vaccine” before reading them and shaken by what they read afterward. When Bigtree asks what Dr Ross will say to the next parent asking about the MMR, she says she will tell the truth. She will not be giving it her own children (she had a baby in November 2015), and worries about what we are doing to children’s brains. Del Bigtree, “I looked at the data that the CDC whistleblower was providing … and it is the most compelling evidence of fraud I have ever seen in my life. I realized … I was looking at probably the biggest story of my lifetime. As a journalist, I realized it was a story I had to tell.”  — Del Bigtree, Producer of Vaxxed from Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Practically from the opening scene, the film Vaxxed grabs our attention and doesn’t let go until it has elicited every ounce of empathy and outrage the human heart is capable of. Back in 2013, William Thompson, PhD, a senior scientist at the CDC was so wracked with guilt about his participation in a CDC study on the timing of the MMR vaccine and autism that he finally picked up the phone and called Brian Hooker, PhD, biologist and autism dad, to tell him where to look for the evidence of CDC deception. Vaxxed is the story of what followed, revealing evidence of collusion, corruption, and fraud at the very agency charged with protecting the public health.

The film was accepted by and then unceremoniously ejected from the Tribeca Film Festival after a firestorm of media attention which almost unanimously condemned the film even though not a single reporter had seen it. The media attention may have turned out to be a blessing in disguise, however, as it has many people who haven’t investigated the topic before asking, Why? What is so special about this film that so many people wanted to kill it? And so it was that the film opened last night to a packed house at Angelika Film Center in New York City. As a long-time New Yorker, there was a particular thrill to seeing this film at this theater. Angelika is my very favorite theater in New York. I have many vivid memories of terrific and thought-provoking films seen there, while surprisingly I have no clear recollection of any films screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. …

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