Trump’s Racism: Where is it?

I admit I haven’t spent hours on this, but googling “trump racist comments” and looking at the top 4 links all I can find are references to Trump’s comments about the nonexistent US-Mexican border, as if importing the wreckage of mexico’s bankster-looted society is a matter of racial justice instead of a bankster strategy for globalizing poverty, which is exactly what it is.

There’s a lot I don’t like about Trump, but considering the alternatives (including Bernie, who has nothing to say about nationalizing the federal reserve, which pretty much renders his entire platform irrelevant since there’s no money for it) I may wind up voting for him.  It’s certainly telling how both the US and foreign establishments, which are hell-bent on the social and economic destruction of the middle class of every country, are piling on the anti-Trump crusade.    I marvel at their ignorance of their own nakedness.

If anyone can find an example of racist comments from Trump please post it as a comment here.  I really want to see it.  Maybe we should have a contest.


“We have to beat the savages. You have to play the game the way they’re playing the game [otherwise] you’re not going to win. … They’re chopping, chopping, chopping and we’re worrying about waterboarding. Our priorities are mixed up.”  –Donald Trump

OMG.  But he’s not saying anything that the washington establishment doesn’t think and do behind the scenes.

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