ObamaCare and the Crapification of Health Care: A Growing Collection of Horror Stories

How could it be otherwise?  American medicine is the 3rd biggest cause of death in the USA.  And then there’s the non-fatal assaults.

We received the case study that follows over the transom via email from a reader I’ll call Mr. B for Belgium; Mr. B’s story vividly illustrates the exceptionally bad nature of the United States health care system when compared to other industrialized — indeed, civilized — nations like Belgium. But then I got to thinking: I can’t remember any investigative journalism on ObamaCare that aggregates the experiences of those who are less than satisfied with it. So I thought I’d remedy that lack, after letting Mr. B speak and giving some detail on the Belgian system….


Medicine has been mine field for a long time if you needed health care.  But now it doesn’t matter if you have a health problem or not, they’ll find a way to abuse you.

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