FGM and the Impaired Moral Reasoning of the Medical Mind

Milder forms of female genital mutilation should be classified in the same way as male circumcision and breast implants to stop it being ‘demonized,’ a controversial new report has claimed.

Changes to the way female genital mutilation is defined and viewed are needed to protect young women from more serious forms of cutting, a team of experts argued.

The gynaecologists suggest a small surgical ‘nick’ – a minimal procedure they compare to male circumcision – that slightly changes the look of a young woman’s external genitalia should be legally allowed.

In a paper published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, they say mild forms are no worse than cosmetic procedures such as breast implants or ‘designer vaginas’ western women pay for.

But the experts stress the procedure should not alter the function or the sensory capacity of a young woman’s genitalia.

They contend this more nuanced approach would uphold cultural and religious traditions without sacrificing the health and wellbeing of girls and young women….


Not to mention the health and well being of medical wallets.   Where are your boundaries doctor?

“Should not alter the function or sensory capacity” …. this is funny given that nicking the female foreskin will introduce friction on the glans which I’m sure has no bearing on her sexual sensory experience, and doctors are still lying about the function and sensory capacity of male foreskin.  http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/primer.html

These people are seriously delusional.   They need help but they also need isolation to prevent harm to the larger population.