FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform On “Anti-government” Students

A new FBI initiative based on Britain’s “anti-terror” mass surveillance program instructs high schools across America to inform on students who express “anti-government” and “anarchist” political beliefs.

“High school students are ideal targets for recruitment by violent extremists seeking support for their radical ideologies, foreign fighter networks, or conducting acts of targeted violence within our borders. High schools must remain vigilant in educating their students about catalysts that drive violent extremism and the potential consequences of embracing extremist belief,” states an unclassified document released in January by the FBI’s Office of Partner Engagement, the agency’s primary liaison for the law enforcement community. …


The students are in far greater danger of being recruited by the FBI, which after all is a domestic terrorist organization which has helped to facilitate and cover up the OKC bombing, 9/11 and the anthrax attacks, just for starters.

A society built on lies will quickly disintegrate into a hellhole.  The students deserve better.  They deserve to live in a country where adults act like adults and don’t let lying corrupt politicians and bullies with badges wreck their lives.  So where are the adults?  There don’t seem to be any in the FBI.

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