European Research into Male Genital Mutilation

Morten Frisch, MD, PhD and Doctor of Medicine, a professor of sexual health epidemiology at Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen and at Aalborg University in Denmark discusses his 2011 study on sexual function difficulties in circumcised men and their female partners. He also gives an account of the difficulties that researchers may face when their study results are not in favor of male circumcision.

Frisch et al’s study, which showed an excess of orgasm difficulties in circumcised men, as well as significantly increased frequencies of orgasm difficulties, pain during intercource and a sense of incomplete sexual needs fulfilment in women with circumcised spouses, was preceded by three other publications based on the same dataset, dealing with sexual dysfunctions in Danish men and women in relation to socioeconomic factors, health factors and lifestyle factors, respectively.

All these three studies were published without serious criticisms from peer reviewers in the two most prestigious US journals of sexual health (Journal of Sexual Medicine and Archives of Sexual Behavior). However, adding one more variable to the analysis, namely male circumcision status, changed everything, and made reviewers extremely critical of everything about the whole dataset. Only after dealing with extensive, obstructive peer-review comments from one of the world’s leading pro-circumcision propagandists, a review which included serious insinuations of racism and amateurism, was the study finally published in the International Journal of Epidemiology 2011;40:1367-1381.

Frisch M, Lindholm M, Grønbæk M. Male circumcision and sexual function in men and women: a survey-based, cross-sectional study in Denmark. Int J Epidemiol 2011 Oct;40(5):1367-81… (This is the original paper, in which Professor Frisch et al present their controversial study findings)

Morris BJ, Waskett JH, Gray RH. Does sexual function survey in Denmark offer any support for male circumcision having an adverse effect? Int J Epidemiol 2012 Feb;41(1):310-2… (This is a critical letter-to-the-editor by circumcision advocate Brian J. Morris et al)

Frisch M. Author’s Response to: Does sexual function survey in Denmark offer any support for male circumcision having an adverse effect? Int J Epidemiol 2012 Feb;41(1):312-4… (This is the author’s response to the criticism by Morris, Waskett and Gray.

Additionally, in his response, Professor Frisch gives a thought provoking insight into the role of Brian J. Morris, when he served as a peer-reviewer trying hard to prevent the study from getting published)

A particularly orwellian  MGM “patient education” marketing video which is shown to doctors:

“the caregiver will place a device over the glans … to protect the penis”.

A collage of babies around the world:


Re: the CDC’s endorsement of MGM: The CDC speaks for the social controllers, the kind of people that repeatedly lie this country into war in pursuit of empire. They know that MGM is about social control through imprinted fear and induced sociopathy (, and family disintegration down the road.

Obedience and social destabilization is the agenda, just as it has been in the USA’s “back yard” (latin america) for decades. It’s all about redirecting human energies from families and communities into the state. And no widespread conspiracy is needed: at the street level it’s enforced by unconscious fear of facing what was done to us when we were unable to defend ourselves. But at the top, you can be sure they know exactly what they’re doing. The matrix is real, but what they’re harvesting is not heat, but a much higher form of energy: human aspirations and ingenuity.

That’s why they financed research into the psychological consequences of MGM (

It’s why the NIH initially funded and then censored and disavowed revolutionary research into the bio/emotional needs of young children, research that could empty our prisons in a generation and make our communities whole:

It’s taken me 60 years to figure out THE fundamental reality of the western world: it’s run by luciferians. I know this for a fact, it turned out a good friend of mine was subjected to satanic ritual abuse as a child. Circumcision is also a form of SRA. It’s the most direct insult to love imaginable, a sacrifice to evil itself, a hidden conduit of domination and subjugation imprinted on each new generation, chaining them back to the slaves of the dark ages. It’s a social infection which has long afflicted jews and muslims, and has spread into mainstream american culture via the cult of american medicine, which uses birth and babies as fodder for industrial-scale profit-generating quackery.

Seriously. Europe and the americas are run by satanic cults, and MGM is just one tool they use to enforce misery and domination on humanity. But that’s no reason to be scared. They are vulnerable precisely because they are so very sick. They have much to hide and the cloak is falling away.

Anyway, if love is sacred, then the foreskin is sacred too.