Kerth: Scalia’s Execution and the NWO

Scalia’s Execution & the NWO

Perhaps you’ve seen how the Highway Department deals with having to build a new bridge on a segment of busy road. They can’t shut down the old bridge during construction, so they build a new bridge next to the old one, and when the new bridge is done, they shut down the old bridge and divert the traffic onto the new bridge. But how would you feel if you saw that the new bridge that is being built was actually constructed out of plywood, cardboard and paste rather than out of concrete and steel? How would you feel if you found out that the new bridge was just a painted facade that resembled the old bridge, but that it really couldn’t hold up real traffic? Well this is a metaphor for what is going on with the NWO (New World Order).

The NWO is a code word for the global government which is being built now by the wealthy aristocrats around the world. They are building it with international trade agreements like NAFTA. They are building it with the unchecked power of international corporations and central banks. They are building it with international non-profit organizations and with the unlimited ambitions of the United Nations. And once it is fully constructed, they plan to destroy all of the independent and sovereign nations of the world. However, in truth, they are constructing their NWO out of cardboard, plywood and paste. The NWO will never stand. This is because they are losing the cooperation of the people of the world as they approach this insane and unworkable goal of an all powerful global government.

Consider the recent execution of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Feb. 13th, 2016. He was a faithful and effective servant to the NWO while he was alive. His leadership in overturning CITIZENS UNITED v FEC wiped out campaign reform and effectively put the NWO’s corporatocracy fully in charge of the United States. And Scalia managed to completely destroy the democratic power of the middle class in the USA by claiming to be somehow upholding the First Amendment. This was a major victory for the NWO delivered to them on a silver platter by Scalia, as if he were a faithful butler in one of their many mansions. Nevertheless, as a reward for his loyal service to these inbred billionaire aristocrats of the NWO, Scalia was murdered as soon as it was convenient for them to do so. The truth is that if you are a loyal servant to the NWO, you can, like Scalia, only expect to be killed for your loyalty. This is because your masters only feel contempt for their own loyal servants.

The execution of Antonin Scalia has been planned for a long time and happened according to a long term schedule. There are many reasons why the NWO leadership considered that Scalia was getting in the way. The Obama administration wants to put a liberal Judge, loyal to Obama, in the Supreme Court because of a number of important decisions which are impending. But the big issue has to do with the Second Amendment. Scalia perhaps understood that if you repeal gun rights, that repeal will trigger a violent revolution in America, one that the NWO may not be able to control. But the Luciferian leaders of the NWO don’t concern themselves with the opinions of their servants. Like the Highway Dept., the NWO operates on a schedule. And Scalia was interfering with that schedule. So he had to be eliminated. However, the problem that the NWO still has is that the global government that they are building stands no chance of being functional once it is announced.

Over the years I have gotten enough feedback from well informed NWO insiders to know that their own top technocrats know with complete certainty that a single, all powerful government will not function. I’ve heard this explained to me in terms of computer modeling, games theory, reliable sociological principles and macro-economics. But you can understand it by understanding a comment once made by the Illuminati’s own English Prime Minister, Disraeli.

He once said, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

If you are a servant to the NWO, you can be certain that your eventual betrayal by your masters has been scheduled with the same callous certainty as the scheduling of the execution of Scalia. You may have been promised a place in the utopian NWO global government once it has been established. But what you can, in reality, expect is that you and your loved ones will be killed as soon as it is convenient for the NWO leadership. And you should know that the top leaders of the NWO are completely paranoid, cowardly, selfish and megalomaniacal. So that those who are killed by the NWO will be the lucky ones. Those who are left alive can expect to be imprisoned, mutilated and brainwashed. The most that you could hope for if the NWO wins is that you will live in a painful and degraded state of enslavement. So it is in fact to your advantage, as a NWO insider, to do anything in your power to derail, undermine, sabotage and delay the NWO’s plans.

If we can think of government as being like a bridge, we must realize that the NWO global government is a bridge that cannot be made to work. So we must take the bridge we have at this time and repair it and make it work. We must return our nation to sovereignty. We must do these things: eliminate the corruption, regulate the banks and corporations for the welfare of the people, and create jobs and prosperity for ordinary people. We must bring home the troops and protect our borders. We must restore America to what it once was, but without the nativity hatred and bigotry.

But if the top leadership of the NWO is unopposed, and they go forward with their plans to collapse the economy and take away guns rights, the inbred billionaire leaders of the NWO will discover that they have awakened a sleeping giant. I am not personally advocating violent revolution. But I can predict that if gun rights for ordinary citizens is repealed, violent revolution will take place. This is where many patriots draw the line. After all, criminals will never have any problem getting guns. The government itself is giving guns to the Islamic enemies of the USA and to drug cartels in Mexico. The only people that the present government plans to disarm is the law abiding patriotic American citizens. But there are groups like S.C.A.N. (Secret Christian Alliance for Nationalism) and others. These groups are lead by persons with military training, tradecraft and remote viewing skills. If gun rights are repealed, that will be a call to arms and to action. And what will follow will be like the wrath of our righteous God descending upon the world to pour vengeance down upon the wicked.

Personally I am at peace. I have climbed the high tower and seen the far future. The NWO will not stand. The evil global plutocracy will be deconstructed. There will be a world of independent republics run on the basis of practical democracy. Ordinary people will be allowed to live decent and productive lives. Those persons who love both the Creator as well as their fellow humans will be the ones who prevail. True civilization will be restored. I’m not afraid of anyone or anything. I’ve made my peace with God and am ready to return home whenever called. After all, as the good book says, “All flesh is grass.” And grass may be cut down, but it always grows back.

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