Exposing Obama’s Next BIG False-Flag… Before it Happens.

Since Obama has been in office numerous mass shooting events have occurred. Particular one’s of note;

  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 1 – Nov 2009
  • Gabbie Giffords, Tuscon, AZ – Jan, 2011
  • Batman Shooting, Aurora, CO – July 2012
  • Sandy Hook Shooting, Newtown, CT – Dec 2012
  • Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, D.C – Sept 2013
  • Fort Hood – Fort Hood, TX Round 2 – Apr 2014
  • Charleston Church, Charleston, SC – June 2015
  • Umpqua College Shooting, Roseburg, OR – Oct 2015
  • San Bernardino Shooting, San Bernardino, CA – Dec 2015

Most have substantial and significant evidence of false-flag events, with the primary goal of pushing the Gun-Control agenda. But so far this has not been working. If anything it is backfiring. Every time one of these events occurs there is a spike in gun sales. So instead of making people afraid of guns, it’s making people afraid not to own one. The gun-control propaganda is not working as intended. I attribute this to several factors. First, Americans entertain themselves with a tremendous amount of gun violence. TV, movies, video games. And what does this exposure teach us? That those who have guns have power, and those who don’t are nothing but victims. Second, and in conjunction with the first, pro-gun propaganda. Really, it is more accurate to call it pro-war propaganda. Because it’s darn hard to be pro-war without being pro-gun. The classic image of the modern soldier is always with their rifle. Third, the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Forth, over saturation of false-flag events. I recently heard someone claim that false-flags are a modern phenomenon. I strongly disagree. People using deception (false-flags) for their own gain is not a modern phenomenon, it is ancient. However, what is a modern phenomenon is the systemic nature of current false-flags and the massive volume of false-flags that are occurring now. This over-saturation, plus just the shear amount of noise in our mass media, causes each successive event to have less impact.

This leaves the Obama administration in a dilemma. For his 2nd term objective is to enact serious gun control legislation. Obama succeeded in his first term objective, the Affordable Care Act. The piece of legislation written by the Insurance Companies in which Nancy Pelosi proudly announced “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”. I’m sure she did not read it, that was part of the bribe(s) condition. This illegal tax, has done nothing but decrease quality of care, decrease choice of health care providers, increase Rx drug costs, and increase the cost of insurance. It will also be used as the vehicle to force vaccinations. No vaccinations, no ObamaCare for you! It was also because of this ‘success’ that Obama won the next election, not that that was hard to do against Romney, and yet his margin of victory was only 4% points. Obama was re-elected on Nov 6, 2012, the Sandy Hook Capstone Event occurred on Dec 14, 2012. Plus, as already listed, a series of other false-flag events designed to push or ‘nudge’ for serious gun-control law. And by serious I mean the same kind of legislation that the Port Authur, Australia false-flag event in 1996 was used for to ban most semi-auto rifles and  semi-auto shotguns in Australia, restrict handguns to 9mm or smaller, 10 round magazines, and only for Shooting Club use, and require license and permission to own any firearm.

However, it is my opinion, that there is simply way too much resistance to pull this off. That is why they have been pushing/selling this concessionary stance, that San Bernardino seems to have kicked off. The stance of banning firearm sales to those on the ‘No Fly’ list. Which on the surface seems reasonable right? Except this is extremely dangerous. Why? Because we have no idea how one get’s on the No Fly list, and it is very difficult to get off of it if one should ‘accidentally’ get on it. The government claims the No Fly list is to stop terrorism. But we don’t have a domestic terrorism problem in the USA. Well, other than those events created or encouraged by the FBI. But we do know our Federal Government is corrupt. Certainly the people know. The #1 fear of Americans is… ‘Government Corruption‘, this was the top fear for just under 60% of the population. …

So if Obama is to be successful in his 2nd term then he needs gun-control legislation with teeth. And that means he needs a problem-reaction-solution. And that means they must create a false-flag event. A BIG event. Mass casualties. Real casualties. Shock and Awe.

But I say no. If we are to defeat the globalist then we must stop constantly spending our time ‘reacting’ to what they do. We will never overcome their machinations if all we do is react to their actions. …

Since I am convinced that the Obama administration has got one more BIG event in the works then I’m going to get out in front of it. My purpose is not to predict the event, but to prevent it. At the very least to expose it ‘pre’ event to such a degree that they will have to modify it and hence limit its effectiveness or use this article as PROOF when it does occur that it is a planned false-flag event. So this is my calling out of the plans and intentions of the criminals in charge of the US Govt.

So I’m gonna put my money where my mouth is, well more precisely where my writing is. I will use the ‘Event Plan’ outline from my Anatomy of False-Flag Events article to construct this false-flag before it happens.

The False-Flag Event Plan by sections:

  • Objective
  • Focus
  • Event Type
  • Main Event
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Participants
  • Perpetrator
  • Victim(s)
  • Event Execution
  • Back-up plans
  • Official Narrative
  • Cover-up

I initially am constructing this using the following assumptions; A BIG event is needed. 100+ deaths. Shock value is very important. Therefor, unlike so many of the recent events, I believe real deaths are going to be needed. …


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