The Federal Reserve’s Social Engineering Project

Economic polarization and blowing and popping bubbles has been fed policy since the 30’s when they caused the great ripoff  .  It’s a monument to the economic cluelessness of the average american and the corruption in washington that this massive scam has gone on for so long.

High-Level Federal Reserve Official: Fed Intentionally “Front-Loaded An Enormous [Stock] Market Rally in Order to Create a Wealth Effect”
Central banks – including the Bank of Japan, Bank of Israel, Bank of Switzerland and the Czech Republic – have been buying stocks to prop up their nations’ stock markets.

We’ve noted for years that Fed policy is aimed at boosting stocks, as well.

Today, the decade-long former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – a voting member of the the Fed’s principal monetary policymaking group (the Federal Open Market Committee) – admitted (full interview):

What The Fed did, and I was part of it, was front-loaded an enormous rally starting in 2009 … in order to create a wealth effect…

I wouldn’t blame [the declining stock market]  on China….

An uncomfortable digestive period is likely now.

The “fed” has created the most overbloated bubble in history, based not on expectations of an economic recovery (there is no industrial economy to recover) but on deception and debt.   The intention is inescapable.  They intend to create a catastrophe.   The gilded gangsters of the world have discovered the strategic value of waging war without declaring war.

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