Obama Nominates Pharma Lobbyist to head the FDA

(NaturalNews) In his last months in office, President Obama continues to pursue his policy of appointing industry insiders and lobbyists to important posts within the federal government.

A glaring example is his recent nomination of Dr. Robert Califf to become the new head of the FDA when current commissioner Margaret Hamburg steps down in March.

Califf has just received the support of a Senate committee, and is now expected to receive full senate approval of the appointment – despite revelations that he has close ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

Even mainstream media outlets have voiced concerns over the appointment. A number of journalists and observers are questioning the potential impartiality of an appointee who has worked so closely with Big Pharma for so many years. …

In other words, let the fox guard the hen house – which seems to have been the guiding philosophy behind many of President Obama’s appointments.

As Jeffrey Phillips of WeAreChange.org noted:

“Califf’s appointment is hardly surprising. Michael Taylor, the current Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA — also appointed by Barack Obama — used to be Monsanto’s vice president for public policy.

“Collusion between corporations and the FDA is widely documented. This influence has presumably contributed to many questionable decisions, such as the FDA’s approval of oxycontin for children or the ongoing approval of countless dangerous drugs that are later recalled.” …


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