Bernanke Says Dollar is Running out of Steam

This is the way these crooks operate: when they arrange for various financial events to occur, they want to pretend innocence but they also want to maintain their reputations and careers as financial experts.  So they “forecast” the event before it happens.   Perhaps they draw straws to determine who gets to play expert.  I’m sure it does wonders for their speakers fees.

Ben S. Bernanke says the greenback may have peaked.

“Much of the appreciation in the dollar may have already happened — we may not see much more,” the former Federal Reserve Chairman said Tuesday at the Asian Financial Forum in Hong Kong. Further gains depend on the pace of the Fed’s tightening cycle, he said. …

Bernanke, who served as Fed chairman from 2006 to 2014, has written about the role of the dollar twice this month in a series of blog posts for the Brookings Institution. In a Jan. 7 post, he argued the “exorbitant privilege” that the U.S. gains from the dollar’s status as a global reserve currency has been eroded by competition from other tenders, including the euro and yen, as well as America’s shrinking share of the world economy. …

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