Another Vaccine Conspiracy Exposed—This Time It’s the HPV Vaccine

As a researcher who’s been tracking vaccine issues, including scientific hijinks, since the 1980s, I cannot express what a pleasure it is to report the following unfolding vaccine geo-political drama.  This alleged conspiratorial action is about the fourth or fifth one to break into daylight.

Others include: the Simpsonwood Meeting [1] (June 2000); the Danish/CDC-paid vaccine researcher Dr. Poul Thorson who has been indicted for defrauding the U.S. CDC regarding research he produced from 2000 to 2009 [2]; the William Thompson, PhD, CDC epidemiologist who admits that CDC researchers deliberately omitted, and even trashed, incriminating data sets regarding vaccines impact on young black males under 3 years of age [3]; and let’s not forget a whistleblower lawsuit in federal court in Philadelphia, PA wherein two former Merck & Company employees claim Merck falsified efficacy rates for many years for the mumps active in its MMR vaccine [4].

While nothing seemingly has been done either legally or professionally to hold accountable government officials and scientists, plus those who have colluded with them to perpetrate vaccine and scientific frauds on humanity up until now, let’s make certain the alleged conspiracy I’m going to report about is not swept into a convenient memory hole or under a bureaucratic ‘consensus science’ carpet of Big Pharma’s “old boy network.”

What I’m about to report is taken directly from copies of documents I have in my possession.  There’s no Photoshop stuff going on here.  This is the real McCoy!  I have in my possession copies of numerous emails—obtained via FOIA New Zealand …

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