2 thoughts on “9-11 Video Analysis Shows Undoubtedly a Glitch in the Software”

  1. Um … I have to say I don’t find this convincing at all. I don’t know what it would look like when a 747 runs into a building at high speed when seen at low resolution before being obscured by flame. And the second argument is even less convincing. Those towers were huge and it’s entirely possible that the building that obscures the wing tip is in front of the towers.

    We don’t need such flimsy evidence to know that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition. We have thermite and thermite residue in the dust, rivers of molten metal in the basement, explosions in the basement, tight sequences of explosions going down the towers, all attested to by eyewitnesses and videos in the reference section. Not to mention the symmetry and speed of the collapses, unexplainable by oxygen starved kerosene fires. The power (energy per unit time) needed to simultaneously and rapidly sever the vertical supports in this way is just ludicrous from a physics standpoint.

    In my opinion this video is disinformation designed to muddy the waters. Just my 2 cts.

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