The FDA Wants to Approve Shock Treatment Without Testing

The FDA Should Ban ECT Until It Goes Through Rigorous Testing

During routine ECT, the passage of the electric current through the brain causes an especially intense grand mal (generalized) convulsion, often accompanied by flat lining of the brain waves on the EEG and always resulting in a coma lasting several minutes or more.  On awakening, the patient suffers from a syndrome associated with traumatic brain injury, including trauma followed by unconsciousness, memory loss, disorientation and confusion.  The results, as with any trauma, grow worse with each exposure, as the ECT series progresses.  

          Therefore, there is no doubt that ECT damages the brain. Each treatment produces clinically obvious devastating acute results, described in many books and articles. The only question is “How complete is recovery?” and there is ample evidence that recovery is often incomplete, commonly leaving the individual with months of retrograde memory loss as well as ongoing cognitive losses. The long-term adverse effects closely parallel those of athletes who endure multiple high-impact concussions.  It is clear that ECT is among the most dangerous treatments used in medicine, surgery or psychiatry. The idea that is has any redeeming benefit continues to lack empirical evidence.  The common claim that it reduces the risk of suicide is not confirmed by a single scientific paper.  In a system of rational medicine, ECT would be banned. 

        In 1985 the NIH Consensus Development Conference on ECT labeled it the “most controversial” treatment in psychiatry (5th attachment).  It noted an average memory loss spanning 10 months (8 before and 2 after the ECT)!  It found no empirical evidence for effectiveness beyond four weeks, which coincides with the period in which acute brain injury renders the individual either euphoric or apathetic, and too neurologically impaired to self-evaluate or to feel strong emotions. The evidence for brain damage has grown since 1985, including the publication of Sackeim’s 2007 long-term study in multiple clinical settings showing a lasting dementia syndrome in many patients (6th attachment). The NIH Consensus Conference conclusions and the Sackeim study, in and of themselves, are sufficient to demonstrate that ECT is highly dangerous and should be banned until it can be thoroughly tested in the manner at least as rigorous as for any new psychiatric medication.

      I recently constructed an extensive free website,  It contains PDFs of dozens of scientific papers with a search mechanism for subjects such as brain damage, cognitive dysfunction, memory loss, animal studies, and controlled clinical trials. It also contains my entire 1979 medical book on ECT which remains the most detailed documentation of brain injury.

FDA Seeks Blanket Approval for Ultimate Mind Weapon

How the US Government Helped Wall Street Gang-Rape America’s Middle Class



This story begins back before the United States was the United States.

The original thirteen colonies printed their own currency, and it worked very well at empowering commerce and turning the young America into a powerful growing economy, free of the poverty and unemployment that even then crippled London. The public currency was operated as a public utility. But the bankers of Europe, long used to private banks issuing the public currencies as loans at interest, were horrified by the American approach and saw it as a threat to their deeply cherished religious belief that the gods intended for the bankers to have all the wealth of the world. So, the Bank of England lobbied King George III to impose the Currency Act on the colonies, which forbade the colonies to use their own money and required them to borrow their lawful tender from the Bank of England, at interest. This was the public currency as a private for-profit operation.

It took only a few years for this scheme to reduce the formerly prosperous and productive colonies down to the poverty and unemployment typical of London at the same time period, as depicted in the literature of Charles Dickens, among others.

While the state-run American schools teach that the revolution was about the Stamp act and the Tea tax, it was primarily the rage created by the enforced impoverishment of the Currency Act which fueled the rebellion. Why the Currency Act is not mentioned in the public schools will become apparent further on. …

Censored: Ben Franklin on the Real Cause of the American Revolution

The Polio Vaccine Origin of AIDS – 2004 Documentary

“AIDS came about as an act of man, not an act of God…” –
~ Edward Hooper, author of The River – A Journey back to the Science of HIV and AIDS

The Polio Vaccine Origin of AIDS (2004) Documentary

Origin of AIDS: The Polio Vaccine (CBC ‘Witness’, 2004)

On April 12, 1955 Jonas Salk’s polio vaccine was first licensed for public use in the U.S. In the years afterwards 90 million Americans were vaccinated in the largest mass vaccination campaign ever. Polio virtually disappeared from the continent and Jonas Salk became a hero.

But not long after, 260 children who were vaccinated with Salk’s vaccine became sick. Eleven of them died. An investigation showed that some lots of the vaccine were defective and confidence in it was shaken. Continue reading The Polio Vaccine Origin of AIDS – 2004 Documentary

IMF Wants to Wreck European Middle Class

The International Monetary Fund has highlighted the positive effect of public spending on refugees on European GDP, but has also recommended that employers pay them less than the minimum wage. EurActiv France reports.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) produced a report today (20 January) on the economic challenge posed by the influx of refugees into Europe. In this document, the organisation recommends a short-term differentiation in the treatment of refugees and EU citizens.

Precipitated by the Syrian crisis, as well as conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea, the vast migration towards Europe is a cause of real concern on the continent, where attitudes towards the economic, social and cultural integration of migrants took a worrying turn after the events in Cologne. …

Is it necessary to point out that the IMF is controlled by the same interests that are wrecking Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq?  The refugees are being used as weapons against europe.