156 Eyewitnesses Say 9/11 Twin Towers Collapsed Due To Explosives

Hoo ya gonna bleve?  A bunch of average guys on the street or the central pillar of our modern industrial democracy, the emergent network of interlocked corporate media interests who are trying so hard to bring an end to the rule of the larger emergent network of interlocked corporate interests, of which they are subsidiaries?

People need a paradigm shift.  At the top, everyone works together or they’re not part of the club.

This compilation of eyewitness statements on 9/11 say they witnessed explosions occurring shortly before the Twin Towers collapsed.

There are eyewitnesses who perceived explosions very early on 9/11—near the time when the planes struck the North Tower.

The great majority of witnesses in my compilation deal with later events, around the time of the complete destruction (“collapse”) of the North Tower and the South Tower. In other words, I have dealt with just one category of explosions witnesses. Early witnesses will have to be dealt with in a separate compilation.

The criteria used in assembling these witness statements are the same as those used in my article, “118 Witnesses: The Firefighters’ Testimony to Explosions in the Twin Towers.” These criteria concentrate on the use of certain words by the eyewitness (“explosion,” etc.).

The breakdown of witnesses by profession is:

Fire Department of New York: 121
Port Authority Police Dept.: 14
Reporters: 13
Miscellaneous: 8

The breakdown of witnesses according to term used is:

Explosion/explode: 112
Blast: 5
Bomb (or “secondary device”): 32
Blow up/Blow out: 17
Implosion: 11
Other (suggestive of demolition): 12

[starting with the] FIRE DEPARTMENT OF NEW YORK (FDNY) …


Hello?  Anyone out there?  Don’t worry, we’re just joking.  No need to start paying attention at this late date.

BOA Explains How Central Banks Rigged And Manipulated The Market

It used to be the provenance of “conspiracy theorists” – alleging that central banks have manipulated, rigged or otherwise broken the “efficient market.” That is no longer the case.

As we previously showed, now even the big banks admit it.

However, since for some unknown reason the broader media has yet to catch on to this concept which exonerates the “tinfoil” crowd and makes a mockery of the “bull market” of the past 7 years while posing some very troubling questions about how it all ends, here again is Bank of America explaining not only how “central banks have unfairly inflated asset prices” with the “market aware the price of risk is not correct”, but why the biggest risk to the financial system is a “loss of confidence in this omnipotent CB put” …


The idea is to gain control of the entire economy in order to crash it prior to buying everything up for pennies on the dollar.  This is part of the private CB business model.