What would a real campaign against gun violence look like?

A most radical suggestion by Jon Rappoport. Imagine using logic… does anyone in D.C. use logic these days?

Now that we know cold weather, snow, blizzards, expanding sea ice, war in Syria, the resurgence of the Taliban, the reappearance of Brian Williams, the escalation of anti-Islam rhetoric, the popularity of TMZ, and the attacks on Hillary Clinton are all the result of global warming, how long can it be before gun violence in America is linked to tree-ring data from the Middle Ages?

To forestall this last conclusion, I offer, as a public service, a sketch of what a real campaign against gun violence might look like. I’m not just talking about homicides, but criminal wounding and maiming as well.

Such a campaign does not depend on whether you believe there should be more guns, fewer guns, or no guns.

You would start by examining where a lot of gun violence takes place. I know: this is a breathtaking assumption. It makes the mind reel. In the history of our species, no one has ever suggested a solution for a problem based on where the problem is located. But there’s a first time for everything.

Wait for it: a map could be constructed. What??!! Yes, a map, based on known statistics. I apologize if the idea is just too boggling, but there it is. You make a map that shows major areas where gun violence has been occurring.

Because, well, that’s the problem you’re trying to solve.

Before you jump ahead too far, let me assure you blame is no part of this analysis. You’re just doing a little geo-research.

And after you make the map, you then actually think about those areas where much gun violence has been happening. You think about what has already been done to alleviate and remedy the situation in those places. You assess the success of those efforts.

Again, I know this approach is absolutely foreign, but give it a chance. You never know what may come of it.

Now, for example: suppose you discovered some of those high gun-violence areas were also high poverty areas. That might mean something. It’s just a crude correlation, but don’t immediately discard it. And then, just suppose that many of the jobs which were once available in those areas had been taken away and exported to foreign nations where slave labor is plentiful.

A possibility, that’s all. Look into it.

And just suppose, in those high-crime, high-poverty areas, there are, take a deep breath, many gangs. You know, people who are organized, people who have guns, people who argue with each other over turf, people who shoot the guns on a more or less regular basis. Wounding and killing each other and also innocent bystanders. And suppose, when you figure it out, when you add it up, the raw number of gun woundings and killings surpass, by a considerable quantity, the number you would find if you looked at other areas where people have guns, like ranches out West. This is just a hypothesis, nothing more. But don’t eliminate it…

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