Video: Global Warming Swindle

There seems to be a religious conviction that “denialists” are working for big oil, as if that’s the only powerful monopoly that has a stake in the outcome. There’s also a conviction that skeptics don’t care about the environment. These assumptions are patently false. The abandonment of the western middle class to the “discipline” of competing with 3rd world slave labor is a sufficient reason to question whether an economy which requires large inputs of petroleum is even being planned for. At the top, virtually all industries have become financialized and subject to forces which have little to do with their specific market niches. Competition and the profit incentive have given way to monopoly cooperation and the social control incentive: how to deal with millions of highly educated, heavily indebted but materially wealthy people whose living standards are being purposefully destroyed by the same oligarchs pushing the AGW hypothesis. (yes it’s still a hypothesis, the computer models don’t work and there are good reasons to believe it’s false, including the lack of impact of ramped-up CO2 emissions from china)

My question for the true believers is why the motives of an establishment which ignores the obvious and well documented scourges of GMO genetic pollution, radioactive pollution, depleted uranium shells, wholesale aerial dumping and everyday industrial toxic releases, but instead homes in on the far more speculative question of AGW, isn’t subject to some healthy skepticism, especially since the proposed solution to the alleged problem will further concentrate wealth, finish the job of destroying the middle class and lead to wholesale STARVATION. It’s remarkable that the silence of the elites, especially on the last issue, goes unnoticed by the self-described environmentalists whose faith in this toxic establishment remains unshakable.

The “science” has become way too politicized and financialized to be reliable. Putin thinks it’s a hoax to put a choke hold on industrial development because people who create money out of nothing have no need for a middle class. I think he’s right.

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