Mom faces jail time for letting her son play outdoors

From small towns to big cities, Americans are being conditioned to live in a nanny-state culture, where neighbors live in fear of one another, and people are encouraged to report “suspicious” behavior to authorities. Government agencies of all shapes and sizes – the FBI, the NSA, Homeland Security, the IRS, the TSA, Child Protective Services, etc. – all actively encourage Americans to be wary of one another, to spy on and target one another, if they don’t conform and do as they are told. We live in a culture of division – where authorities are called upon to intervene for the most trivial offenses, miscommunications, disagreements and differences.

Many people don’t work things out as neighbors anymore. They don’t communicate and do the sensible thing.

If a neighbor sees a 4-year-old playing outside alone, they may feel so insecure inside that they would resort to calling the police to intervene. This is becoming a common situation in America today. Neighbors call the police to intervene in parenting situations that are none of their damn business. If there is some kind of risk being taken, it is at the parent’s discretion. It is their business. Some parents want their children to become independent and play alone outdoors. Nosy, controlling neighbors that disagree with this parenting style may pathetically call the police and the CPS just because they see a child playing in the yard alone. …

There’s no faster way to subject children to danger than for them to become wards of the state.   This is not a “nanny” state.  Nannies are human beings who generally care about kids.   This is a mechanical monster with sharp teeth dressed up as mary poppins.

We have a federal “child welfare” bureaucracy and medical establishment which militantly promote child trauma, depression, brain damage and poor health, and family instability.  This is how luciferians operate: they infiltrate the most respected, authoritative institutions and turn them into the opposite of what they claim to be.   A global destruction agenda on every level: environmental, social, political, intellectual, genetic etc.

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