Iraq Seeks Exit from US “Protection”

Most Iraqis, be they civilians, military personnel, or government officials, do not trust Americans.

At a base level, that makes all kinds of sense. After all, the US did launch what amounted to a unilateral invasion of the country just a little over a decade ago, and when it was all said and done, a dictator was deposed but it’s not entirely clear that Iraqis are better off for it. ….

The understatement of the year, even discounting the fact that saddam was a CIA asset from the beginning.  What this country has done to iraq (and iran) is nothing short of demonic.  Scientifically applied social, economic, political, cultural, even familial destruction.  When the full force of such sadism is finally brought home to the USA by our self-described “protectors”, there will be nothing left of the country you were born into.

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