Impossible Odds in Mass Murders and Terrorism

If not for the economic behavior of the federal government over the past 30 years, which has overseen a steadily accelerating collapse of US wealth and living standards, there would be no need to raise questions about motives and hidden agendas.  But no other government in history has stood by and watched the foundation of its own power and influence hemorrhage out the door.   It makes no sense from an institutional perspective.   Whatever its claimed belief in and adherence to standard PR (the “free market” in this case) it has always found a way to pursue its own interests and its interpretation of the “national interest”, except, seemingly, in this one crucial respect.

Governments throughout history have always acted as “nationalist” entities before.   But not this one.  It seems that the global government agenda is alive and flourishing in washington, and the nation-state as well as the middle class is now seen as expendable, or worse, as a threat to the global interest, as interpreted by the globalarchy.  But then one must consider what “they” have in mind for dealing with the growing realization that we the people are being betrayed on a massive scale.  For truly there has never in history been theft and betrayal on this level before.   An invading army could not have raped and pillaged the USA with the calm, businesslike efficiency that we have seen in recent years.

This is why one should be alert to false flags and fake massacres.  Civilian disarmament and a domestic “war on terror” are going to be necessary to subdue the increasingly outraged american people.  Unfortunately you need only open your eyes in order to see the wholesale pattern of staged events which are ripping our rights to shreds and looting the public treasury in endless wars which are little more than money laundering operations for the real government.

The above economic behavior alone is leading inexorably to wholesale starvation as would be expected under a depopulation agenda.  It may be too late to avert that future.   The only question is whether those responsible remain in control in the aftermath.

Impossible odds surrounding recent mass murders and terrorist events are being entirely ignored by the media and official sources. I will show here that the statistical odds against several key events happening the way they did are greater than seven billion to one.

In reporting on many major mass murder and terrorist events in the US and Europe in the last 15 years, including the recent Paris massacre and killings in San Bernardino, CA, respected media sources have revealed that by “coincidence” a drill was being held the same day and in the same city of the event. Not only that, the drills were practicing for what actually happened.

As a result of these multiple, amazing coincidences, those involved in these drills were then able to immediately go from the practice drill to secure and control the scene of the actual event.

I will show without doubt that the astronomical odds against this being coincidence show that almost certainly something else is happening here. After presenting the undeniable evidence, I will go into the who, how, and why on these drills. This information may be disturbing for some, as nefarious forces hidden from the public are revealed. Yet if we choose to close our eyes to all of this, these forces will be allowed to grow and fester. If, instead, we shine light into these shadows, we can all come together to reveal what is going on and choose a different, more harmonious path for all of us. …

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