Book: “Exile”

This is a story that should never have been told. The two
principals in this story—my mother, Amalie Phelan and I—
should by all accounts be dead and the witnesses intimidated.
Two out of three—Amalie died at the hands of the United
States of America and the horrified onlookers have indeed been
cowed into silence.

This is a story which has repeated itself throughout human
history. For reasons of demographics, of whose child you were,
what ethnic or religious or economic group you were born into,
people have been systematically slaughtered throughout
recorded history.

The difference in this story is what happened to Amalie and
to me happened in the country which holds its face up to the
world as the bearer of light, of freedom and justice and
democracy. This story unmasks America at a time when her
imperial efforts, all in the name of defending and spreading
democracy, have resulted in a centralization of power on a
global scale hitherto unknown in our history books.

When I first considered writing this book, many of my
friends and advisers suggested I write it as fiction. They
thought the nearly incredible accounts of covert savagery and
brutality, of remote killing technologies, of the ease with which
both friends and strangers were compromised and co­opted
might be best translated into a kind of “The Net” meets the
“Enemy of the State.” I declined their counsel for the following

While I know very well that this book may incur a knee jerk
reaction of denial in some of my readers, the fact remains that
this is truth, not fiction. These events took place. The persons
named are culpable. As a personal statement of what
happened to Dr. Amalie Phelan and to her daughter­­
myself­­this book stands as a piece of history at a time when
the world is changing rapidly. It is my deepest hope that this
testament will be taken as the strongest warning possible. …

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