Sandy Hook: A Total Psyop?


The video below is the coup de grâce for the official story of Sandy Hook. This is the final nail in the coffin, where all the previously unanswerable questions are answered.

In this video, Wolfgang Halbig gives a presentation regarding the proper procedures for responding to a school shooting. He does this in front of First Responders (police and fire), who enter into a back and forth conversation about the anomalies in Sandy Hook.

I want to thank both Stucky and Admin for their intense skepticism and critical questioning in prior posts about Sandy Hook. I think they will be satisfied after watching this video. …

The Sandy Hook hoax was a FEMA Capstone Exercise. These are community-wide events where the entire community is involved – the local officials, police, fire, neighbors and churches. The community received $200 million dollars from this exercise.

The children did not exist. Wolfgang looked up their social security numbers – they were never issued.

The debate is over. The only question is how do we remove the treasonous government that organized, financed, and covered-up the truth about this event.

I realize that this video is 2 hours long. You can listen to it as you commute in traffic. I find the comments from the First Responders very enlightening.

When the truth breaks into the mainstream media due to his $250 million lawsuit, I will drive to Philly and have a beer with Admin, on me.

Top Ten Reasons Sandy Hook was a Hoax:

It’s very serious business when a government with the catastrophic human rights record of the united states seeks to disarm its people under false pretenses.   They clearly intend to bring their 50-year-old counterinsurgency war home and complete the coup they started when they murdered JFK.  (see “JFK: An Unsolved Murder” in the reference section)   The nazi movement, which was always  based in london and wall street, is trying very hard to recover from the setback they suffered under FDR when Gen. Smedley Butler blew the whistle on their attempt to recruit him to lead a fascist coup and join the axis powers.

This is the heart of the luciferian conspiracy in the USA.

Medicine’s Embarrassment: Psychiatry Cooks Up New Disease: Eating Healthy is a “Mental Disorder”

In an attempt to curb the mass rush for food change and reform, psychiatry has green lighted a public relations push to spread awareness about their new buzzword “orthorexia nervosa,” defined as “a pathological obsession for biologically pure and healthy nutrition.” In other words, experts are moving toward saying that our demand for nutrient-dense, healthful food is a mental disorder that must be treated.

CNN, Fast Company, Popular Science, and other top outlets have all began to trumpet the talking points on cue relatively recently:

“Orthorexia nervosa is a label designated to those who are concerned about eating healthy. Characterized by disordered eating fueled by a desire for “clean” or “healthy” foods, those diagnosed with the condition are overly pre-occupied with the nutritional makeup of what they eat”.

In short, if you turn your back on low quality, corporate food containing known cancer causing toxic additives and a rich history of dishonesty rooted in a continuous “profits over people” modus operandi, then you may suffer from a mental illness. The cherry on top is that if you have the pseudo-science labeled disorder of orthorexia nervosa, you will be prescribed known toxic, pharmaceutical drugs from some of the same conglomerate corporations that you are trying to avoid by eating healthy in the first place. …