EU Carbon Trading Scheme Riddled With Billions in Fraud

The EU’s main scheme for reducing CO2 emissions is almost never enforced, according to an official report by Brussels’ own spending watchdog.

Only one EU country inspected – Britain – makes on-the-spot visits to factories to check whether they are staying within their carbon limits under the scheme, the EU Court of Auditors found. Even the UK only checks 1 per cent of sites, down from 5 per cent before.

The auditors also said that attempts to stamp out endemic fraud in the EU’s flagship Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), from which billions of pounds of “carbon credits” have been stolen by criminals, are “not adequate” and continue to leave “significant security weaknesses.”

The verdicts will be deeply embarrassing on the eve of the United Nations climate summit in Paris, where European leaders will claim the ETS as their flagship achievement to tackle climate change.

“The truth about the ETS is that it has completely failed,” said Raoul Ruparel, deputy director of the Open Europe thinktank.

“It has cost business money and done nothing to reduce CO2. It is based on a fundamentally flawed premise and as the latest report shows, all attempts to fix it are doomed. It is a hopeless case to take to Paris next week.” …

Video: Global Warming Swindle

There seems to be a religious conviction that “denialists” are working for big oil, as if that’s the only powerful monopoly that has a stake in the outcome. There’s also a conviction that skeptics don’t care about the environment. These assumptions are patently false. The abandonment of the western middle class to the “discipline” of competing with 3rd world slave labor is a sufficient reason to question whether an economy which requires large inputs of petroleum is even being planned for. At the top, virtually all industries have become financialized and subject to forces which have little to do with their specific market niches. Competition and the profit incentive have given way to monopoly cooperation and the social control incentive: how to deal with millions of highly educated, heavily indebted but materially wealthy people whose living standards are being purposefully destroyed by the same oligarchs pushing the AGW hypothesis. (yes it’s still a hypothesis, the computer models don’t work and there are good reasons to believe it’s false, including the lack of impact of ramped-up CO2 emissions from china)

My question for the true believers is why the motives of an establishment which ignores the obvious and well documented scourges of GMO genetic pollution, radioactive pollution, depleted uranium shells, wholesale aerial dumping and everyday industrial toxic releases, but instead homes in on the far more speculative question of AGW, isn’t subject to some healthy skepticism, especially since the proposed solution to the alleged problem will further concentrate wealth, finish the job of destroying the middle class and lead to wholesale STARVATION. It’s remarkable that the silence of the elites, especially on the last issue, goes unnoticed by the self-described environmentalists whose faith in this toxic establishment remains unshakable.

The “science” has become way too politicized and financialized to be reliable. Putin thinks it’s a hoax to put a choke hold on industrial development because people who create money out of nothing have no need for a middle class. I think he’s right.

Greenpeace Co-Founder Warns of Global Climate Change Scam

Global Warming is on its way to be a two trillion dollar scam. Our politicians (NWO) goals are to have total power and control over all the people. These politicians are using powerful human motivators in climate change : Fear and Guilt. We fear our modern way of life will kill are children and grand children. We the people are being told, carbon dioxide is a toxic pollutant and must be curtailed. In fact without carbon dioxide above 150 parts per million, all plants would die. If these politicians succeed, food and energy will again be reserved for the rich and billions of humans will die of starvation or exposure.


Will Bhutan Be The World’s First Organic Nation?

Pinched between India and China, two of the most polluted and populous countries in the world, Bhutan is an anomaly: Tiny (in size and population), carbon-neutral, and committed to conservation, mandating that 60 percent of its forests remain protected.

But above all, this Buddhist kingdom, which measures its development by Gross National Happiness (GNH) instead of GDP, recently gained newfound media attention for aiming to become the first organic country by 2020. With herbicides and meat farms on the rise and less than five years to go, that goal is still very much a green dream.

The idea first appeared in the National Framework for Organic Farming in Bhutan in 2006, a document that posited that organic farming offered a sustainable model and “a symbol of a healthy living with nature and respect for all sentient beings.” The plan called for a complete overhaul of Bhutan’s agriculture system, which historically had been subsistence farming and animal husbandry until the 1960s, when pesticides were first introduced to encourage development.

The plan called for the development of organic standards. A decade later, officials are still working on that, so most food goes from farm to market without labels. It also calls for the education of farmers in organic methods, such as composting and bio-pest control, the hazards of herbicides or fertilizers, and suitable crops…

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Mortality rate of middle-aged white Americans increasing rapidly

“My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge.” – Hosea 4:6

Do people actually die of despair? They apparently do. And the good news is that if you have ever felt love and joy, it’s because it is built-in… hardwired into every human on the planet. “Knowledge” isn’t the knowledge you can get in college; it is the know-how of how to go within, to the heaven in your heart. Sorrow and grief, anger, revenge and rebellion, fear and loathing are not what you are; they are taught, not innate.

Something strange is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Among all ethnicities or races, as well as counterparts of other wealthy countries, the mortality rate for this group has been rising rapidly. In contrast, mortality rates of middle-aged black and Hispanic Americans continue to decline, as well as death rates for the old and young of all ethnic and races.

The increased mortality rate in this group led to a major investigation. The findings were surprising as the death rates in middle-aged white American group wasn’t caused by chronic disease. This was something unexpected and bizarre. So, why are middle-aged white Americans dying at a rapid rate?

A disturbing trend discovered by Nobel Memorial Prize winner

Princeton economists, Anne Case and Angus Deaton who won the 2015 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science, made an incredible discovery after a careful analysis of health and mortality data from the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other sources between 1999 and 2013. They found that a group of middle-aged white Americans (ages 45 to 54) have an increased mortality rate that continues to increase. This trend is especially alarming as the death rate of other advanced countries, like the United Kingdom, have been declining by about 33 percent…

After analyzing health and mortality statistics, they reported that the epidemic of alcohol/drug abuse, diseases formed from those abuses (such as liver disease), and suicide are to blame. The economists noted that the group’s increasing midlife distress have led to self-inflicted mortality. Alcohol and drug use increased in the group with opioids being the drug of choice amongst the group to numb physical and mental pain…

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