San Bernardino, CA — On the night of December 2, after the tragic shootings at the Inland Regional Medical Center, CBS Evening News interviewed a witness to the shooting.

The interview, which took place live and over the phone, has not been covered by any other mainstream outlet despite the vastly different details provided which completely contradict the subsequent ‘official’ narrative, while backing up several other eyewitness accounts.

Witness Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the Inland Regional Center, and witnessed the shooting, spoke to CBS correspondent Scott Pelley.

During this interview, Pelley would ask Abdelmageed to describe the shooters in detail. Abdelmageed replied that the shooters were three tall athletic white men….“3_White_Male_Shooters”_in_San_Bernardino/47743/0/38/38/Y/M.html

Turkey Probably Waited in Ambush for Russian Plane

And they wouldn’t have done it without washington’s approval.

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says that Turkey’s government may have hatched plans to shoot down a Russian military jet over a month before the attack which downed the Russian Su-24M over Syria late last month took place. According to the activist, the nationalism and political ambitions of President Recep Erdogan’s AKP party are to blame….

Pierre Sprey, a highly respected US defense analyst who was on the team that developed the F-16, says that he has no doubt whatsoever that the Turkish Air Force attack on the Russian Su-24M bomber over Syria last month was the result of a well-planned ambush….

Superbug Resistant to all Treatments – Natural Allopathic Medicine to the Rescue

Sometimes you have to go beyond the status quo to find real healing. Dr. Sircus has a lot of good information on his blog and in his books about how to use simple, effective means of healing that are not dependent on the mainstream medical industry.

Unstoppable—without antibiotics, even infections from simple cuts and scratches can escalate dramatically. Alarm bells are ringing around the world. The public is going to be sitting ducks to a plague of antibiotic resistant infections, which are now starting to sweep around the globe. Doctors and patients alike now need to put their attention […]

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