PDF: “War is a Racket” by Gen. Smedley Butler

During the FDR years, General Smedley Butler singlehandedly saved this country from a fascist coup by wall street financiers (including prescott bush, money launderer for fritz thyssen, a major german industrialist, war profiteer and financial backer of hitler ).    The wall street branch of government apparently even had plans for joining the axis powers.   Butler is a hero’s hero.    Every school kid should know about him, yet he’s virtually unknown, probably because the banksters hire the historians.  See these links about the USA’s (and the world’s) near downfall to a horror that thankfully can only be dimly imagined.  Also see the reference section for more on wall street’s involvement in the rise of hitler and the russian revolution, which funneled vast fortunes into the coffers of the military-industrial-central-banking complex.   War, after all, is a perfect way to generate government debt, and government debt is what the central bankers are marketing.

The Whitehouse Coup (BBC)


How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s Rise to Power


Banking with Hitler


America’s Planned War on Britain 


Anthony Sutton: Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism

War is a Racket: Speech to VFW 1933

Gen. Smedley Butler Speech to VFW 1933: War is a Racket

Book: War is a Racket (PDF)



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