H.R. Giger’s Birth Trauma Art

This man was plugged into something primal. A horrific vision of mortal danger and trauma. If you want your kid to be imprinted in this way, be sure to seek the “safety” of an american obstetrical ward to give birth.  See: http://members.tranquility.net/~rwinkel/MGM/birthUSA3.html   For the record, the vast majority of difficulties in human birth are iatrogenic.   You can see the business model involved here.   It’s just how OB’s are taught to do it.

BTW: He was born in 1940 in switzerland, probably under the medicalized prussian style of birth and child care which helped give rise to the nazi culture in germany and apparently imported to the USA under operation paperclip.  See http://www.naturalchild.org/alice_miller/political.html and http://thoughtcrimeradio.net/2017/04/usa-land-of-psychopaths/

Also see the documentary “Dark Star” about him.

Passage XIV
Passage XIV
Passage VII
Passage XXIX
Passage XIII
Passage XIII

Deathbearing Machine
The Birth Machine
The Birth Machine
Birth Machine Babies
Mother with Child

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