Dinosaur Google and Youtube engaging in wholesale censorship

As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t need these monster centralized platforms to discover and share important content.  The torrent and TOR protocols allow the creation of decentralized high bandwidth anonymized file sharing with an alternative to google’s “quality rating” measure already built in.  Instead of rating content by the number of links to it, measure it by the number of seeds for the torrent.  The number of seeds would be proportional to the number of people who want to keep a copy of the torrent locally, a measure of its usefulness.  This could be supplemented long-term by links harvesters that would function as search engines.  The harvesting could be distributed among multiple nodes on the basis of some independent variable such as the last N digits of the torrent’s checksum.  The harvesters would distribute their findings to onion sites that could function as search engines.

Google, and its popular video sharing platform YouTube, are quickly becoming purveyors of propaganda, censoring material that could expose and question the status quo. These popular internet platforms are following in the footsteps of oppressive government regimes that punish whistle blowers and go after anyone who asks questions, seeks answers and reports on the most atrocious abuses of the day.

Recent “changes” at YouTube now allow their technocratic management to remove monetization from videos they don’t want people to hear or see. Independent media source, All News Pipeline, has had to appeal eight videos that were stripped of monetization for censorship reasons.

We are Change also revealed how they were being censored in March 2015. “In the last few days we noticed our YouTube numbers take a massive down turn while the majority of our new videos and top videos have been demonetized with no explanation at all. We looked at our website and social media numbers and they were better than ever but for some reason — our YouTube channel took a massive hit.”

YouTube censoring controversial content they don’t want people to see or hear

Tom Lupshu of the Bunker Report has published a video commentary explaining how YouTube first started removing monetization from his videos. His truthful, down-to-earth videos, which are great learning tools, have even been deleted by YouTube.

Upon further investigation, YouTube’s policy change openly admits that videos will be taken down if they contain “controversial or sensitive subjects and events including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters, and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.”

This means that videos will be taken down if they expose human rights violations, democide or any other government and corporate abuses. In other words, Google and YouTube are quickly becoming propaganda arms for those in power. These platforms will not allow people to question and speak out against atrocities like organ harvesting and trafficking, how governments have historically used gun control to make the population compliant and defenseless, or how children have been used and killed in medical experiments. …


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