Suicide and Cardiovascular Death after a Cancer Diagnosis

A large body of evidence suggests high levels of distress and psychiatric symptoms among patients who receive a diagnosis of cancer. Patients with cancer have been shown to be at increased risk for suicide and cardiovascular events. However, most results have been interpreted to be consequences of treatment or the burden of living with a progressing cancer. The psychological stress induced by the diagnosis itself may also give rise to such serious consequences. However, only a few studies have explored the period immediately after a cancer diagnosis.

We recently observed that patients with prostate cancer both in Sweden and the United States have increased risks of suicide and cardiovascular events within weeks after their cancer diagnosis the observations are proved to be independent from shared causes between cancer and these immediate health outcomes, they may have important implications for both cancer-screening policy and organized supportive care. We therefore used the nationwide registration of cancers and causes of death in Sweden to estimate the risk of death from suicide or cardiovascular diseases among all patients in whom cancer had recently been diagnosed.

Read more at The New England Journal of Medicine

Given the current state of cancer treatment, how can anyone blame someone who has been diagnosed for dying as a response to the diagnosis alone?

What are they dying of? They are obviously not dying of cancer, but of despair. They are dying of fear. And this is the travesty of the modern medical diagnosis. Not only is the patient given no hope, but s/he is urged to immediately begin “treatment” which consists of three methods which are known to cause and/or spread cancer: radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.

The pity is – as well as the good news is – that no one needs to die of cancer. The diagnosis of cancer is not a one-way dead-end road. Everyone can prevent and/or recover from this disease. A new video series – The Truth About Cancer – has just be released and is worth watching. Sign up to see Episode 1 and if you like it, you can see more on YouTube or buy the DVDs.

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