Manhattan Project Radiation Dump Unraveling in St. Louis

The USA buried radioactive waste from the Manhattan Project in St. Louis decades ago. Currently, a smoldering underground fire in a city landfill is inching toward the waste. The area could potentially pollute much more than the immediate area.

The EPA has known about this dangerous situation for years, but the residents of St. Louis haven’t been informed of the dangerous situation until now.

Interestingly, Bill Gates was the largest shareholder of the landfill managing company, owning $42 million until June 30, when he sold all his stock. Did he pull out because he knew of this situation and feared financial liability? Will the people of St. Louis, of Missouri, of the USA, be stuck with the many faceted costs if the Manhattan Project waste blows?

St Louis City is planning evacuations over the potential nuclear waste dump fire! Why don’t they just dig a huge ditch to kill the fire so it stops its progress?

View the St Louis Nuclear waste landfill situation meeting complete meeting video here:


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