“ISIS pay well but beheading someone is the initiation test”

Similar to a Satanic/Luciferian cult?

isis pay well but beheading

“He is from Al Raqqa which is an ISIS stronghold, but he works in Damascus as a construction labourer.

He visits his wife and children every other weekend. He is allowed in and out, however his family is not allowed to leave Raqqa.

He was asked to join them [ISIS], they pay generously. In dollars… however he has to undergo training – execution of a person by chopping off his head – to prove he can be one of them.

He said no but… he doesn’t know how long he can fend them off. He says the people of Raqqa want them to leave, however they are too scared… their heads would be the price for rebellion.

They continue their life in fear and do as they are told..no smoking, one uniform for women, one for men – no music… no TV – he dreams of the SAA liberation.”

Respectfully drawn from https://thewallwillfall.wordpress.com/2015/10/24/voice-from-raqqa-isis-pay-well-but-beheading-someone-is-the-initiation-test/

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