FINANCIAL DOOM 30 Days Max: “The Next Lehman Brothers” as LARGEST Commodity Trading Co. On Earth IMPLODES

We are steamrolling toward a global economic collapse that will be permanent and irreversible. Utter doom.

For months, I have been warning that we were witnessing a textbook example of what the lead up to a major financial crisis looks like, and now it is happening. All of this was completely and totally predictable for those that were willing to look at the signs.

Unfortunately, there are way too many people out there that think that they know it all and that have a tremendous amount of blind faith in the system.

Now the system is failing, and that blind faith is about to be shattered.

We about to witness the most important global financial event since the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. Glencore has been known as the largest commodities trading company on the entire planet, and at one time it was ranked as the 10th biggest company in the world. It is linked to trillions of dollars of derivatives trades globally, and if the firm were to implode it would be a financial disaster unlike anything that we have seen in Europe since the end of World War II. Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to an inescapable death spiral for Glencore at this point. The stock price was down nearly 30 percent on Monday, and overall Glencore stock has plunged nearly 80 percent since May.

This doom is time specific and reasonably fast: If Glencore is going to collapse, it will do so within the next 30 days.
(Max.) They are meeting with Bondholders this week to talk about the future!

If this takes place — and it looks as though it will — Europe will go into catastrophic financial meltdown; Japan will go next and the United States will go . . . . and take everyone else out too. …

Look for major false flag(s) very soon.  They have to make arrangements to maintain control when the last stilt of the formerly granite-solid US economy is pulled away.

Such a shame they never did learn how to manage the biggest  economy in the industrialized world.   At least the insiders who have positioned their assets appropriately can come back after the conflagration and pose as our saviors.  Social control uber alles.

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